Love and Forgiveness

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  1. I would like very much to hear from all of you about this topic.
    How important in our life is walking in love and forgiveness.
    Is it something that has to be right now and all the time or when the correct time rolls around.
    Any way please let me know how you see this and hey try to make a point and not just a one liner.

    Thank You and have a very Blessed day and night or inbetween. What ever it may be for you,
  2. Neither is optional.
    Something that tends to be ignored is that sometime love requires offense. The most loving thing we can aside from laying down our lives is to proclaim the gospel, but those of us who do or who have done so learn that pretty quickly even if we didn't already know what scripture teaches. It is, however, wrong is offending for the sake of offending.

    Aside from the simple benefits of forgiveness (a lighter spirit, no hindrance in prayer, less stress, etc...), Jesus made His stance on our forgiveness of others very clear (Matt 6:12-15, Matt 18:21-35).
    In my own life I have found that sometimes I need to forgive more than once. That may seem strange, but sometimes someone will hurt us and something brings the pain and anger back into our remembrance. I can say that this has been occuring far less as I have grown in faith.
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  3. I have a very hard time with forgiveness and I tend to simply ignore someone who has hurt me in some way rather than forgiving them. That is something I suppose I need to work on but it is much easier said than done, at least for me.
  4. One cannot have a successful marriage without forgiveness. Any spouse is GUARANTEED to do things or have habitual habits which are infuriating, or commit sins against the other spouse that are very hard to let go.
    For the relationship to last, forgiveness is essential.

    That does not mean I support the notion of sticking by your spouse no matter how much of a lowlife they are or become.
    We are called to be martyrs for God, not our spouses.
  5. What if you know your wife loves you but certain things had led her to have an affair which she now regrets and apologizes for?

    Would you forgive her and take her back or are there some things that should not be forgiven?
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    Always forgive.
    Do not tolerate.
    In that specific situation some time or intercession may be required if she is not repentant (Matt 18:15-17).
    If she is then you accept and move on.
    Either way it will hurt and it will hurt for quite some time, but if it is given over to God's care healing will come.

    On a side note...
    Have you ever considered that, as a whole, God places far less importance on what the sin is. The penalty for all sin is the same, and He only names one as unforgivable.
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  7. I have had friends who have been in just that situation.
    For one, the affair his wife had was due to loneliness (he was overseas) and when he returned they sorted it out. patched things up, and moved on. They are still married.
    Another had the first few years go OK, but his wife developed the habit of going out drinking after work, which turned into staying out late, which turned into staying out later with other men. After a few months of this he had taken all he could stand and gave her an ultimatum to stay home or leave. She left. He has since remarried.
    The difference between the two, IMNSHO, was that one was repentant the other not.

    Personally, I am willing to forgive much done in stupidity, but very little done out of willfull carelessness.
  8. I wish I had your faith lol.

    I suppose that I need to surrender my own feelings and let God guide me through this, that is something I have been working really hard on but being away from the Church for so long has left me with the feeling that if I do not do it then it won't get done but I suppose that is probably what led me to the little crisis I am in. Thinking I had the ability to do things the right way instead of listening to what God wanted me to do.
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  9. Well Spooky,
    Like most of God's people my faith has grown despite my own pigheadedness and sometimes because of the results of my pigheadedness. We often talk about hearing that still quiet voice, but it my case it has sometimes taken a proverbial brick to the skull to unplug my ears.

    Every time I have lost sight of Him, He has taken the time to restore my vision and remind me that no matter how eager or fearful I might be, I can only take one step at time.
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  10. Thank you for your kind words, they are appreciated.
  11. Spookycolt Hello,
    There is nothing that we should not forgive. If some one murders your child we must forgive and this may take some time but it does not in any way change that we must forgive.
    About the cheating spouse.YES must forgive.........this does not mean we must stay or take them back. Trusting God andHis word and throughPrayer you wilol find if you should stay or leave.
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  12. Hi Eric,
    Yep that is the growth progress in learning to forgive and it does become much easier as time goes by and you can get tothe place where the offence does not even get to you. As we learn to forgive we may have to forgive something or some one a million times in a single day and that is simply the way it is done.

    Before long its only 500 times then 10 times then hey I have not had a problem with this in a year. LOL It is an awesome place to be.
  13. I will most likely battle pride and unforgiveness for the rest of my life...but I will battle and fight the good fight til my dying day
  14. I suppose that takes some practice then.
    But I will try if it what we must do, I would rather follow the word of God even if it is very difficult to do.
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  15. Why battle it all of your life ?
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    The easiest way to do this if you find that you just cannot forgive someone who has wronged you is to speak that you forgive the person by faith. Then everytime your mind wants to remember the offense...say no i already forgave that. Eventually your mind lets it go. It does take practice, but in the end it is worth the training. Thank you for your post, God is reminding me as i speak to you.

    Keep your chin up and Keep moving forward in your desire for God's ways. Most of living by God's ways are learned as we practice, or put them into practice. As you step out by faith to do what God wants...He will meet you there with strength to carry it through. Give yourself lots of grace for the times when you blow it.

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  17. What is impossible with man is possible with God.
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  18. Since God is "love" walking in love is walking in God. It is not the fact that we are suppose to act a certain way, but we are let the Love of God take "control" of us, and let God love and forgive others that may offend us, through us.

    2Co 5:14 For the love of Christ controls us, because we have concluded this: that one has died for all, therefore all have died;
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  19. I prefer to use the word surrender over control.....God does not control us, but does desire for us to surrender all of us to Him. Thanks for the good post!
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  20. Love is also a command as well !! It is not something that just happens We must work to develope walking in Love. Yes God is Love and Yes the more God in us you would think the more Love would be too but it does not always work that way.
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