"Lost" TV series

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  1. "Lost" TV series

    I don't have a TV. But, I discovered that ABC has a lot of shows on their website, in high-definition. They have every episode, covering several seasons, online of the very high budget show Lost. So, I watched one, and then all of them. Pretty good show. It's about people stranded on an island, a haunted island with strange physical properties.

    I thought the moral standards were refreshing, for broadcast TV. Virtually no foul language, fornication, etc. Not even a hint of sexual perversions like homosexuality. Well, until the last episode, in a flashback scene, in which one man kissed on the cheek what appeared to be a male prostitute in his hotel room.

    Tame by what I know goes on these days on TV. But, still, why'd they have to go and blow their high standards?

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