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  1. Hello Father,

    Well, You gave us a wonder to behold. The snow is absolutely beautiful and I thank You for it. I want to especially thank You for sheltering and feeding the homeless. It was very cold and my prayers was going up for the homeless. So, I thank You in that on the news, there was no mention of any homeless people dying. Only You did that. I thank You for waking me up this morning feeling good and able to do what I needed to do in my home. I thank You for this day as although everyone was urged not to go out, we still have new brothers and sisters in Christ.

    They have stated that our offices are closed tomorrow. I thank You for not having to go out on those roads. I thank You for my family and friends and that they are all safe. I thank You that my CFS family are all safe.

    Father, we had two fatalities one in Maryland and one in DC. They both were over eighty and were shoveling. I am lifting the family up to you and pray that they knew You as their savior. I thank You for those who went out and help the elderly by shoveling driveways and sidewalks. I thank You for saving me, protecting me, healing me, forgiving me and loving me.

    I thank You most of all for Your Son Jesus Christ who died on the cross for our sins.

    Thank You for getting us through this beautiful storm and I love You very much!!!!!
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  2. Even though my neighbor came with his snow blower, I had a lot of shoveling to do to get it nice and clean. As it had compressed from 24 inches to 15 inches, it was heavy. Yesterday I pulled my back doing the same thing. Today I said, "Let's go Lord. By your stripes I am healed and in my weakness I am strong in You." And I cleared the driveway and parking area completely without pain or soreness! In fact, with every lifting I said out loud "Praise you Jesus" and went for the next shovel full. God is in everything we do and while we benefit more than we can imagine, all He asks for is faith and praise. PRAISE JESUS!!! Thank you! Others may never know Him, but I KNOW Him and He knows little ol' me :D
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  3. Hope and pray that others do get to know Him as Savior and Lord!
  4. AMEN!!!!!
  5. Very well said. More power to you.

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