Looking for (future) work

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  1. Looking for (future) work

    Hello, Hoping this is in the right area, Sorry if it's not.

    Here's my issue: I _really_ want to work in a ministry type position. Something where I can share and teach others of Jesus and Christianity. I just don't know what different positions people can have that allow this. I've been thinking of becomming a Pastor, but was just wondering what else there was.

    Thanks in advance,

  2. It has always been my advice to persons like yourself, who wish to do more than just attend a church service once per week, to study God's Word chapter by chapter and verse by verse with understanding of the original word meanings in Hebrew and 'street' Greek. The best and accepted way to do this is to attend a church or chapel that teaches in this manner and uses a King James Version Bible and a vintage (pre-1991) Strong's Exhaustive Concordance of the Bible. These two reference works are your path to the original word meanings and to clarify the few translational errors found in the King James Version Bible of 1611. No other Bible translation will allow you to do this because Dr. Strong keyed his Concordance to the King James Version because it is the most correct translation and has the fewest errors in translation. There are some "concordances" from other authors based upon other Bibles, but almost all of those are denominationally biased and contain man-made untruths.

    Once you have a very good working knowledge of scripture based upon the original languages, you will have much more credibility in your endeavors as a teacher of The Word.

    Attending a seminary or an accredited Christian Bible College would be another good step to consider. It is at that time in your potential career, that you can apply to most any Bible Teaching Church or Chapel as a Deacon or teacher. If you wish to eventually be a Pastor, these preliminary experience building steps along the way, will be necessary to establish your credentials. Ordainment as a Pastor could follow if that is your ultimate goal.

    The very best of luck to you in whatever your walk with God includes. But do it the right way, and your spiritual rewards and blessings will be many.
  3. The list of ways one can serve the Lord is a long list. To name just a few that spring to mind Pastor, Teacher, Evangelist, Youth Worker, Christian Counselor, Missionary, Administrator for a Christian Ministry, Christian Music, etc, etc.
    You need to ask God to show you where He wants you to serve Him. Look at your gifts. Chat to your Pastor.
    I am sure that your Pastor would be delighted to help you find your calling.
    God bless you,
  4. Both are excellent suggestions. Study the Word until it becomes a part of you. Serve others, this was the way of the Master and what most ministry entails- prefering others and their needs above your own. Teaching Sunday School is also an excelent way to get your spiritual feet wet. Most importantly develope your relationship with the Lord. This will enable you to hear His voice clearly and discern His will for your life! May the Lord guide your steps, your brother Larry

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