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  1. lol.testaments

    in with the old,out with the new.complete opposite of the worlds new/old
  2. What, SC?
  3. at new year they say,out with the old and in with the new.our bible says in with the old and out with the new.:eek:
  4. So...what's the idea for this thread, then...?
  5. back ward world.
  6. or the bee,s are buzzing for a love that can,t be found.:D

  7. Just curious...
    Exactly where does our Bible say, "in with the old and out with the new?"
  8. the old testament was for dead men.the new testament is for living men.only for Jesus all old testament people would be in hell.:)
  9. Burial of the old and resurrection of the new in baptism??????!!????:eek:- otherwise I am not sure.
  10. Or they (and we included) would still have to do animal sacrifices, etc.:eek:

  11. The OT is just as important for us today as it was yesterday and will be tomorrow. Every situation in the OT, can be paralleled with the same situations we face today.
  12. i have no hope of humans in this world.just waiting for the next.
  13. Smellycat, that is so sad, because Christians are indwell ed with the Holy Spirit, and if you do not see hope in others, you neither see hope in Christ.
  14. too many bloodsuckers who get fat of others faults.sicko world with sicko people.i understand why there are so many vampire films.:eek::eek:
  15. That is not the reason why there are vampire films and books. If you looked up the origins of vampiric stories you would see that the ideas of vampires are not just about Dracula and Trannslyvania. Many of vampire stories come from Asian, European, Middle Eastern, African, and whatever else countries.

    And live forgivenwrench said, some people want to say that the Old Testament is OUT and the New Testament is IN, but they are both relevant in our lives.


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