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  1. Locust

    Real quick I wanted to share with ya'll someting God pointed out to me, here goes. I was out side with my dad under the car port last night, and we saw a decent sized locust come under there and start running himself into the wall and cieling of the car port, he continued doing this for about 2 minuites, then stoped. While sitting there God pointed out to me that we can be those locusts at times, when ever we are in acts of disobedience. Point beeing, try not to be like the locust, and contuously beat your head into a wall, be obedient, and see what God will do for you .. ;)
  2. It is amazing how God will use anything in our presence to show us something important; to speak to our heart!

  3. I heard someone the other day complaining: If there really is a God, then why doesn't he show himself to me! Where is he! There's so many problems in the world, where's he at? Is he sleeping? Someone needs to wake him up, tell him to get back to work. If I was god, I'd be making sure that everybody believed me, I'd be showing myself every day!

    Then I heard just a few seconds ago when I read your post: He IS showing himself...every day, you just need to watch and believe.

    You're so blessed in your faith, Redeemed. Never lose that, never let any man take that away from you. Always feed it.

    God bless.

  4. Yes, it truely is amazing. God is so great, Praise his awesome name!
  5. WhirlWind, you can have the very same, relationship with God as any one else can =] even Smith Wigglesworth, God is not a respector of persons,( which is reallyyyyy good news) He loves us all equally, you just have to press in, and make THE descision... the best one you can ever make, and stick to it .. reading His word daily and researving speacial time for Him.

    Amen to that =]

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