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  1. Anyone have experience with this? I've ranked top for a lot of keywords, but I'm interested in sharing strategies, and/or any comments anyone would like to share.
  2. When we are into SEO we should always choose to submit stuffs in high ranked page and not more than 200 submission for a single page in a day(So that we'll not be added in spam list)
  3. What's considered high ranked?
  4. Every Site will be Ranked between 0-10(0 being lowest and 10 being highest) and even "?" for not well know sites...U can find it my adding plug-in to ur web browser.
  5. I need da/pa 60+ can you provide?
  6. I dont get want u are telling
  7. Sorry I have no idea about that..If I get to know about it ill help u for sure
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  8. So how do I submit to high ranked page?
  9. U must register first to submit even in Zero page rank site

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