Little Glimps Of Where I Was Saved From Tesimony.....

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  1. Lets say I keep this very simple and make an outline
    You have heard sex, drugs and rock and roll quoted many times. Well for me it was my life. My god and desire first was always Drugs and was cool to pass the time if nothing else was going on and it must seem I got bored a lot or had lots of time to kill......I played drums for many years as well especially after I got saved and delivered and fell back into some hard times. The drums became my escape and i would jam for 8 to 10 hours most days. I simply would get lost in them.

    I was drawn into the satanic life in my late teens. I became obsessed with this stuff. I dealt drugs through HI School for it was only a place to meet and sell and create a party then out the door. I was a junkie for many years and would run just about anything I could and acid was my Candy.....Shoot I sat in the back of class cutting up big sheets of blotter and selling it in class. People came to me first before buying any acid that came to town just to find out how many I had to take or liked to take. See I could do more then I should have been able to. If I said 2 then they may do 1 if I said oh man 1 was awesome....they cut it and took half.....

    Smoked weed like it was air you breathe. I could not even back my car out of the drive way with out firing up a bowel or joint and tuning in some good ol hard rock then I could simply move the car... I carried quarter pounds like most carried a nickel or dime bag or even an OZ. Coke, THC, Tab , crystal T, T and some H and other junk and you get the picture...........

    I worshiped the other team and pulled knives on Christians which then were holly rollers just because they stuck their nose in my business. I manipulated people into what ever I needed. I kept going down, down, down and then got into witch craft as well and got my hands on a book older then my grand dad....I jumped into that book with all that I had. It became my life and again I went, down. down,down and all the time I was feeling UP and was climbing up into higher levels. They say there are voices in the winds..... It is true.......I lived in the dark and the streets were my playground if you will.

    I am not going to keep going into this for you should have the picture and the things beyond this point do not need to be said here. I will say I have seen things that would shock most believers. I have wrestled and fought more spiritual beings since I was saved then you would want to believe...Lets say the devil is a sore loser....Those first 10 and 20 years of my walk with God were not all that simple, fun or joyful...There were times that were so amazing that I still praise God for them......

    Remember once I told you that no one would swim in the pool after I was baptised and came out speaking in tongues.......rofl big time here.......We all joked about that one.......

    A hand full of Years back I was struggling in some area's and I met some Believers who shined. Their eyes were so Clear and full of life and they had Joy like nothing I had ever seen. Nothing that happened in their life shook them. Man I tell you what............That was for me.......I wanted this and was not going to take No for an answer.....Well God agreed for it has always been His will for all of us to be this way. I began to see Him in a new Light. I found out how much He really loves us and how much He truly loves us and How much He simply Loves and adores us.

    Long story short.........He has changed my life. He is always changing my life.......He will always be changing my Life. YOU just got to allow Him too. He is given me some awesome Spiritual Parents if you will and He is teaching me day in and day out. I can not get enough of His word or His fellowship. He is my life and MY one desire.

    So now you know a very little part of my past.......
    Have a wonderful day

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  2. Thank you for sharing your testimony, Jim! God is so in love with us. I can see He chased after you with His great love!
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  3. Thank God He is true to His word and His Love and Mercies truly are refreshed each and every morning...He is my Everything.
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  4. Very interesting testimony there "Fish" :) I to was in the music scene for many years playing rock and roll music professionally in night clubs.
    I to was a alcoholic, and druggy person that smoked pot pretty much every day! That kind of life style usually does not last that long, you either quit doing drugs or you just die from using them. After several over doses from "angel dust" and other dumb things the Lord saved my life from death on a couple occasions. Eventually the band I was in broke up which probably saved my life. I changed my job, and finding a guy who I worked with asked me to come to his Church. An Assemblies of God Church. I was raised Roman Catholic, and I always wondered what those protestants did in their services. They did not have any colorful pictures to look at or any candles, or statues to make the place look cool. All I saw were Bibles, and hymnals. I sat in the very last row of the Church, right by the front door just in case I needed to leave in a hurry. After the minister finished his sermon, he asked if anyone wanted to get saved. I was the first person to the alter. I literally ran down the isle to get there. I don't know if you have ever been in a Assemblies of God Church, but everyone goes to the alter, and I beat every one there. :) Some old guy came up behind me and laid his hand on my back (man was his hand hot). He prayed with me to receive Jesus as my savior. Walking back to my seat in the Church, I felt like I was walking three feet off the ground smiling ear to ear, and every body in the Church was looking at me, and I don't know why.
    Going back to my old band members, I told them what had happened to me, but they were not to interested. I would go over when they were around smoking pot, and I preached the Gospel to them. Since we were all very close friends they did tell me to leave, but I could tell they did not want me around them as I was giving them a "bummer" :) Oh well, I have not seen any of them for at least 39 years.
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  5. I went to a absemblies of God church once, i was in high school and some guys talked me into going for it was about the evil and drugs and stuff. Half way through I became very ill and stood up to leave and as I did the man speaking started shouting at me to sit down and other sad stuff. I looked at him and headed for the door and this one young lady asked me if I was ok and I sad no and she grabbed the door and out I went....

    Never been back in one since. lol Thank you for sharing this with me and all of us. It is awesome to see the places God was not afraid to go to get His children free.
    Blessings to you Brother
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  6. You know Brother, I have always believed in God from as long as I can remember, even when I was very young. I just never knew how to get saved. The Assemblies of God Church I went to, to get saved I only went there one time. I have pretty much stayed away from the organised Church so as not to get indoctrinated with mans doctrine. Not that they are all bad as I believe there are some good ones out there. My wife and I are connected to a ministry which my father and mother in law started many years ago called "Voice of Love". They are now in their mid 80's and we are their care giver. We can not go far from them as they need our help every day. This also is a ministry and it is a blessing.
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  7. I do understand about the care giver part for I have done thatmany times and in a way still am, just not as demanding ( for lack of better word ) these days.

    I have tried to stay away from denominated (new word ) churches as well. Ihave found that they tend to have set rules and are normally governed by some office in another state. Not my type of Gospel. So are you and your wife going to keep this ministry going or stay with it?
    For me there is One God, One written word and one Son our Savior and the Holy Spirit anything else just gets in the way.
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  8. We have not yet decided to keep this ministry going or not. I don't like to say what I am going to do, when I don't know the future of what I am going to do. If the Lord will we will keep it going. My oldest son is very anointed in the music ministry, and so maybe he might take it over. It is licensed through the state of Calif, and there certain laws you have to keep in order for the license to stay active. We will see.
  9. Yes sir Brother that is the only way to live. Pray and seek what he wants you to do, then when you do it, well it is a wonderful feeling that takes over you when you know you are right where He wants you and doing just what he wanted you to be doing....Man oh Man Brother it does not get better then that.
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  10. I am so excited in what the Lord is doing from within his Church.
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  11. Amen and those in this day right here and right now will truly seek Him and His ways, well brother, they are going to see and experience things they have only read about.
    I heard a pastor the other night talking about how He was praying over the food and the Lord spoke to Him. He said from now on when people are saying some day, you tell them it is That Day. He went on about things the Lord impressed on His heart and I trul believe it is That Day in the Lord....The day of salvation, reeping harvest we have not planted and so forth.
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  12. Praise the Lord!
    What an amazing testimony of the Lord's saving power in your life.

    He truly lifted you out of the miry pit and established you on firm ground!

    Jesus is altogether lovely
    And nothing can ever compare to the satisfaction and fulfillment found in Jesus

    This is my Beloved and this is my friend
    Song of Solomon 5:16
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  13. Praise the Lord!!! That's awesome Jim! Thanks for sharing what the Lord has done in you!
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  14. First of all, how Loving is our Father? Man, we are un-deserving of His Grace and Mercy, yet He continues to shower us with it, and more. What I love about testimonies like yours Jim is how God took you out of that dark life and showed you His Light and Life through vessels (people) who honour Him. I love reading/hearing testimonies, especially ones that I can relate to, because in the midst of it all, it is God - it always has and always will be. It is almost certain that we must go through hardship and difficulty in order to be graced with Gods Love, Forgiveness and Mercy - just as Jesus had to go through the pain and suffering (although we will never compare to what Christ went through).

    One of my favourite scriptures when reading testimonies like yours is: "For you have been given not only the privilege of trusting in Christ, but also the privilege of suffering for him". - Philippians 1:29.

    Thank you for sharing with us of how wonderful God continues to radiate His Love :)
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  15. Wow Sister,
    Thank you for making me step back and see where God has brought me from. I mean even though I literally spit in his face and refused His love, He kept on Loving me so much that eventually I saw the light begin to shine through the cracks and He pulled me out of the death I was living.

    Then a few years later when the devil came at me Hard and I was not ever prepared for the battle of the mind to the degree I found myself in.

    He stuck with me and kept loving me even through those 20 years of hell on earth, when the devil was devouring me 24/7/365 and had me convinced it was God.

    Then I look at where He has taken me today and is preparing to take me and it is nothing short of The Grace of The Loving Father for me.

    Thank you @Melizza for the reminder.
    God Bless
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  16. :) it's important for us to track back on our journey with Christ at all the marvellous things God has done for us 5, 10, 20+ years ago - it's acknowledging God in our reflection of spiritual growth and how He continues to reveal to us how much Power and Love He Holds. It's humbling.

    Blessings brother.
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  17. Amen and yet I won't dwell in the past for as Paul wrote.....forgetting the past and reaching forth unto those things which are ahead. Pressing onto the Goal which is Christ Jesus and becoming more and more perfected in Christ.....

    However I also won't ever forget where I came from or once was for it is God who gives me the power to create wealth and this is not merely talking about finances but in All areas of my life.

    I will Not Ever begin to think I did this or I made this happen in any way shape or form, for away from Christ Jesus I can do nothing But it is Christ Jesus who strengthens me to do all i am called or need to do for with God All Things are possible.

    Blessings my friend
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  18. Thanks for sharing Jim. I took walked on the dark side for quite some time.
    Though I can feel His Power surging through me Now. I think it's contagious
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  19. Hello Via dolarossa,
    Thank you and your welcome.
    Could you explain a little in what you mean in the quote above?

    I just want to be sure I understand what you meant and simply Not what I thought you meant. Lol makes life a little eadier.
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