linkin park's new cd

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  1. linkin park's new cd

    i was just listening to linkin park's new cd "minuets to midnight" and it is realy realy good, but they actully cuss alot in it, all they're other cd's were clean, but this one sure is'nt lol
  2. I'm surprised. I heared alot of swearing on the LP/JZ mashups but I haven't heared them swear in any of their songs...
  3. yea, me too. i suggest you get though, there is a lot of amotion in the seccond track
  4. The emotion is mostly why I stopped listening to Linkin Park as much. I like music will less emotion. The band is kinda Emo. Their song breaking the habit is about stoping cutting.
  5. yea this one is real emo, especialy the part when the seccond vocalist yells "just put me out of my f***** misery" like 8 times and then just has a mental breakdown lol its funny
  6. Lol. I'm gunna buy it.
  7. From what I've heard of this album, I really like it. Given Up and Hands Held High are both really good songs.

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