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  1. I have a life hack. It is called prayer. Every time before a test or quiz, I pray, "God, may your will be done, and I know that your will is for me to succeed". I always get so high on the quiz or test, usually around a perfect score. And I get the highest score in the class (or share that score) almost all the time. I almost never don't have the highest score, whatever it may be. Once, I got a 69% on an exam (it was really hard) and I STILL got the highest score! On top of that, my teacher's gradebook stopped working, so he couldn't even put the grade in! Praise God!

    I pray every morning, even when I am late to school. The punishment for being late is detention. I put my trust in Jesus, thinking, "It has always worked. Why wouldn't it work now?". I have never gotten a detention for being late. I never got a detention ever, actually.

    If someone asks me how I do it, I will always say that it's God. I could not even give another answer. I know that I am nothing without Jesus. I love Him. :D
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  2. To see a teenager such as yourself, giving testimonies like this is wonderful! I believe that God is really pleased and smiles a lot because of you and your faith and obedience!
    Blessings my friend and keep up the good work!
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  3. I will (finally) be a teen in May. I want to get baptized for my birthday.
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  4. Hey little brother love the testimony. Keep putting the Lord first, there will be times that things do not appear as you think they should. These are things that put your faith to the test. Romans 3:5 say tribulation builds perseverance and perseverance proven character hope ect..... the perseverance can be holding on to the knowledge that God is in control. Some situations will leave you asking God why me? Paul ask God to remove a thorn from His flesh 3 times. God told Him His grace is sufficient.
    So our perseverance will bring glory to God.
    Here is the story of my Monday, I started out towards a town 50 miles away to pick up some buckets. 60 miles into my trip the highway was detoured and I thought to take another route that I knew. But thought the Lord is in control so I will take the detour passing through a little town a dog ran out in front of my car and I hit brakes and swerved as did all the cars behind me did. I kept going looking at this little white dog running down the center of the road. I turned around when I could and went back there was a man on foot and a woman in a van there and the traffic was still moving. I heard the man tell the lady in the van he could not catch her.
    I turned around again and headed towards my destination I just happened to glance down a road into a subdivision and saw this dog running across the road so I drove the truck into the subdivision parked took of my toboggan and coat so I would look smaller and maybe not scare her. I walked where I could see her about 50 yards away and sat down I made a squeaking sound when she looked I started whining this little dog ran straight to me and in my arms scared to death. This dog was not an outside dog she probably spent most of her life in someones lap (Maltese) I know some one was missing her so I went back where we first met on the road and asked some one walking if she knew this dog. I went through the neighbor hood stopping cars and speaking to anyone outside their house. Many said they would like to have her. In my head I could see her owner in pain from her loss. I stopped the mail lady and she pointed me towards a vet office where they scanned for a chip with no luck and sent me to an animal hospital then another vet office all taking pictures and getting my phone number so we can find her home. This ordeal went on 4 hours I continued on my journey to get my bucket little doggy in my lap as she had been since we met.
    I got my buckets and headed home the dog was inside my coat where she was warm. I was 15 minutes from home when my phone rang the voice on the other end says do you have my little girl. I said maybe she said is your name peter I said yes ma am but I need to know for sure she belongs to you. We met half way point little girl asleep in my coat this lady walks up to my truck and started speaking and you would have thought there was an alien in my coat. This little girl had found her mother.
    The lady was in tears and I was too. She tried to pay me, but the blessing from just being obedient to the Lords prompting was enough. I did ask here for a few minutes. I recited hey poetry, poetry is a ministry God gave me after a life changing experience. I thought about all the people I came in contact that day to interact with and share the words God gave me. Words that are all about Him. The Lord says when we do for others we are doing unto Him.
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  5. Awesome testimony.
  6. Very good Peter. (y)
  7. Ah, I remember being 13...
  8. Great testimony, Juk! I imagine you are a great witness for our Lord to your fellow classmates - way to go!

    I am 18 and have done the same for a several years, God really is there to help (as long as we put in our study time, too), he helps us recall what we have learned, settles our minds, takes away confusion and provides the resources we need. He is a good God!

    Keep it up, keep praying and staying focused on God. I didn't have much money for college and was in a really dysfunctional household. He provided me a place to stay, scholarships so I can go to school, a job to pay for other expenses and He has even brought people into my life and we do studies together in my place. I just want to encourage you to keep doing what you are doing, God is faithful and will make sure you get to where He is taking you.

    Nice to meet you, younger brother!

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  9. Were you saved back then?
  10. In
    Indeed I was...was still new and learning.
    God showed me the answers and told me to get ordained and I did just that.
  11. Ordained when you were 13?
  12. No - that's when God told me that when I become 18, I need to get ordained.
    I did that and am now ordained.
  13. Oh. Awesome! (y) Being a pastor sounds cool. I don't really have a passion (but ultimate fighting has been interesting me) but I want to do it for God.
  14. That's the most important thing...allow God to guide you - He has a plan for your life, He will whisper in your ear what He wants you to do. :)
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  15. I'm just waiting. I am doing NOTHING with my life at the moment.
  16. Getting God involved in normal things is doing something. That's a good thing to do. God don't hear from a whole bunch of us unless things get really bad.
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  17. Yes that's true.
    God will speak to you Juk...He always does even if you think He doesn't.
  18. You don't need to wait on Him... He will come to you when the time is right.
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  19. I feel the same way rn, I mean Im in school..looking for work.. but i still feel extremely stagnant

  20. Lol thats quite true... that reminds me, when I was at my last campus, I asked God to help me w/ this presentation of mine...
    yet I bombed it, I stuttered and everything... so sometimes I think its necessary to study/practice. There's nothing wrong w/ that....

    However, I do remember when I didn't really feel like going to work, id just be like, please don't let him call me b4 id call and ask if i was on the schedule lol, and i would be off...

    and when I did go in, id pray for a good day since im highly anxious.

    So yah, prayer can be a life hack lol

    but its good to remember sometimes god says no as well.
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