Law and Grace

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  1. Law and Grace

    Brothers and sisters - a little food for thought-
    It is no coincedence that on the day the law was given 3000 people died Exo 32:28
    And on the day grace was given 3000 people were saved
    Act 2:41
    God's great mercy was poured out so we may enter into His presence- we couldn't earn our way in before and we certainly can't earn it in now! Thanks be to God for the awesome sacrifice- the shed blood of our Lord- we can once again ( like Adam) know Him as Father!

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    P.S. Thanks for bringing that to our attention.
  3. There are numerical meanings in both the Old and New Testaments. The number "3" from the '3000' stands for "Divine completeness and perfection."

    '3' is certinly well represented in those two chapters and verses...
  4. Wow nice find Bo :)
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  6. I have read both passages countless times but never noticed that. Thanks
  7. Amen :)
    Law gave birth to sin, and now sin gives birth to Law by the coviction of the holy spirit

    God bless

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