Kitsap County Man Hospitalized After Using Shotgun to Loosen Lug Nut

Discussion in 'News and Articles' started by KitsapGirl, Nov 13, 2007.

  1. Wow...just wow...
  2. I dunno...his name is being withheld...I wonder why?
  3. Anger, alcohol and a gun!
    very dangerous!
  4. Did he get the wheel off?
  5. some think a gun is an answer for anything,God help his neighbours if they park infront of his drive.:rolleyes:
  6. The sad thing is that he can't blame alcohol (not that it would be a good excuse), or drugs...he wasn't using any at the time.

    BTW all reports say that he's going to be okay...
  7. I was wondering the same thing...No one is saying if he did or not...
  8. You're right. It said he was NOT intoxicated!
    Maybe that's even more dangerous!
    He has nothing to blame his irrational behavior on except for rage!
    Maybe there was a reason he wasn't meant to drive!!!:p

    I'm glad he wasn't killed!
  9. Maybe he was having a senior's moment.... I know bad joke.
  10. That boy needs to get saved.
  11. Guns are not an evil thing themselves. I use guns for hunting and for target shooting (which is extremely fun).

  12. Me too, I like seeing how I can beat my last shot.

    It's not guns or knives, or scissors, or firecrackers that are dangerous...not engaging your brain that's what is dangerous!
  13. Ted Kennedy killed more people than my gun!
  14. I was amazed when I read this post. And more so when I read the article.

    The comments are hilarious.

    I am glad that the guy isn't dead.

    But come on, something like this happens, it is hard not to laugh un less you were the victim or were there.

    If he is a Christian I pray that he believes in healing and prayer. This dude needs it.

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