Killing Myself Laughing .

Discussion in 'Pets' started by Dusty, Jul 30, 2010.

  1. Killing Myself Laughing .

    I am here is the basement and my silly cat is chasing her shadow . She even licked the floor thinking it was another cat . Funniest thing .
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  3. Dusty - you should have taken a video! I would have loved to see it :)
  4. I thought about that . I am not so good at putting those on the net. Then when she saw that I was watching her she looked up with a funny meow as if to say " Why can't I catch this cat ?"
  5. That's funny!
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    Our mother had some Curio cabinets built way back in 2006, and they are still around today. They are the most beautiful piece of furniture I have ever seen, and right in the middle of the glass doors they have a huge wall miror.

    Our cat Panda sometimes looks into this mirror and he thinks its another whole cat.

    He does not realize its just his own reflection.

    I am wondering if this is evidence that cats are stupid, or if they are just afraid. Our cat sometimes does stupid things, and I have accused him of being dumb, I guess because I was just angry, because humans know the difference (because we have bigger brains?) between a mirror reflection and a real person.
  7. You think its funny but, once again, this may be evidence of lack of intelligence.

    I mean, I don't go around chasing my own shadow. I know it's just a shadow. Maybe because I'm human, and not a silly little cat.

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