Kids say the funniest things!

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  1. Kids say the funniest things!

    OK, I know parents have stories of funny things kids have said. Share one with us!
  2. Oooohhh..... I could share millions of funny things they say and funny stories. :p

    My 21 month old doesn't talk yet (well, on occasion he blurts something out), so his story doesn't really have anything to do with speaking. The other day, the kitchen oven timer went off, and Erik is a huge eater, so when he heard it he went running into the kitchen, stood on his tip toes to reach the counter, then got the oven mitt and put it on his hand as if to say, "I got it." :D

    Okay, maybe no one finds that funny or cute except me.

    Here is a story about my middle child, David.......

    David is unlike most children I have ever known, in that he is extremely auditory. He can be completely involved in something and still hear, process, respond to, and memorize everything around him that is said. His special gift/ habit often causes us embarrassment at restaurants because he has a habit of listening to conversations at tables across the room and then blurting out loud responses to them. We can never predict when this will happen, because as I said he will be completely engrossed in what is going on at our own table and so we never realize he is even paying attention to others! Anyhow, this leads me to the present story..... One day we were dining at Denny's, and the waitress were talking in the back about something inappropriate. The one was telling the other about some guy telling her to take her clothes off. My son David was 4 at the time, and suddenly he just blurts out rather loudly "Take your clothes off!" :eek: I was so embarrassed as I shushed him. Now that he is 6, he has finally learned the inappropriateness of blurting out replies to people's conversations across the restaurant. :p

  3. Maybe he's autistic? Your kid is rain man! :-P

    Just a joke... but really, it sounds like he has an interesting gift.
  4. I have secretly thought that his unique ability seemed autistic in nature as well, but he doesn't display any other signs of autism. I have even reviewed over asperger's, but he doesn't show any other signs. In all other ways he is just a normal, typical kid. But in that way, he is completely unique and unlike any kid I have ever known. I homeschool, and he can be completely engrossed in doing his math work (which both my kids are gifted in Math), and across the room I will be giving my daughter's spelling words for a test, and giving her sentences with each word. And my son, without ever once looking up from math, or without ever once stopping writing, will sit there and create his own sentences for every word I give to her. He is completely aware and responsive to what she and I are doing while at the same time doing his own work flawlessly. Another thing he does, is he is unable to look people in the eye while they speak, but he hears and remembers every word. He has an excellent memory for things. I have a dairy allergy, and he can tell you everything I cannot eat and that I cannot have things with "milk, soy, or casein" and he knows what foods contain them-- chocolate, bread, etc. I have never sat down and spoke to him about it. He just has heard me talk about it to others and he remembers everything. (That fact that he is unable to look people in the eye was also what had me privately concerned about autism.)

  5. LOL BOTH VERY CUTE! Kids are like sponges!

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