Kids making disciples of kids.

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  1. Hi everyone. I need some help. My God-daughter asked me a good question. "How do I start a conversation to help my friends know God?" Now normally I would tell her to invite them to church or church events & groups but they live in a small town & don't attend the church in their town. She is 10 years old & cares deeply about her friends salvation. How might she start this conversation without the support of an organization? So far I told her it starts with showing love. Thanks!
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  2. Have her give Glory to God, like if it's a sunny day, she could say "Wow! The sun's warmth is like the Lord's love for us." Or if it's a rainy day "Wow! The rain fall on us from heaven, just like Jesus was sent from heaven to lift us up to heaven." Stuff like that. Always take the moment and find something wonderful about it and give the glory for it to God :) She'll make the right friends, lose the bad friends, and plant seeds like Johnny Appleseed :)
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  3. Hello and welcome to the forum. So brilliant that a child of 10 has that desire to share God with her friends, it's obvious God has His hand upon her! I think even the most experienced Christians have trouble sharing their faith from time to time and just like Jesus, not everyone will listen to the message so if it was me, I would encourage her with these truths as a foundation so she remains upheld and encouraged. In addition, I'd let her know how proud you are and how proud Jesus is for her having this burden. I'm actually a serving Local Church Pastor and more often than not I'd be responding just like you; despite some questionable organisations calling themselves Christians, there are so many great and spirit-filled assemblies out there but it sounds as though there might not be one in that area. I would maybe check that one out for yourself if you like however I'd be more than happy to contact one of the local Pastors if you wish?

    In the meantime, it's clear God has His hand upon your God-daughter and it sounds as though she's already in good hands with God but, I think she already has quite a bit of loving support through you already....bless you and I hope this helps...
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  4. Hi,
    Thank you for sharing in the wonder of this awesome circumstance I'm in with my God-daughter. She is really striving to be a light to her friends. I will share your thoughts with her on this. That's a great idea to make sure she puts on the armor of God to protect her heart for God.
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