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Discussion in 'Humor' started by GodSpeaks, Oct 19, 2010.

  1. For the umpteenth time Mrs. Youngston came to her pastor to tell him, "I'm so scared! Joe says he's going to kill me if I continue to come to your church."

    "Yes, yes, my child," replied the pastor, more than a little tired of hearing this over and over. "I will continue to pray for you, Mrs. Youngston. Have faith - the Lord will watch over you."

    "Oh yes, he has kept me safe thus far, only....."

    "Only what, my child?"

    "Well, now he says if I keep coming to your church, he's going to kill YOU!"

    "Well, now," said the pastor, "Perhaps it's time to check out that little church on the other side of town."
  2. What is this? A joke about faith and murder threats?
  3. I'm sorry... I just took a bit of offense at the joke. I don't think it's good to joke about things like that.
  4. Sorry Phil.
    Its a joke so just hypothetical. Of course real threats are not funny. The point was he just told her to have faith but when it came to threats to himself, he was afraid and didn't have any faith
  5. Yeah I know, GodSpeaks. Oh... Could I talk to you? I was on a walk today and I think I might have a problem.
  6. Phil,
    I sent you a message yesterday. Didn't you get it?
  7. I did but I couldn't find the reply button. Lol. This new setup is a little confusing.
  8. Doesn't it say reply under my signature, to the right?

    Just start a new conversation and put my name in it if not :)
  9. Oh, It's okay. I just had a question about possession but I don't think it's very important now. No worries.
  10. Its up to you whether you want to talk about it
  11. It's okay... I just had a question about doing exorcisms across the internet but I don't think that would work. I just remembered what you said about baptisms across the internet.
  12. I think it would if its not a real heavy bondage.

    A person can recieve the baptism online or on the phone
  13. Have you ever done an exorcism? I think in order to get somebody exorcised, don't you need to look into their eyes (see their eyes) to cast the demon out? Maybe you could pray for me? If you can, I would be so grateful.
  14. I don't think you have to look in someone's eyes to take authority over the devil in their life when they want help.

    Please send me a pm :)
  15. I can't.

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  16. All you have to do is click my avatar or my name and then click 'start a conversation'. Then at the bottom of it after you type it 'lock" the conversation.

    I'm praying for you :)
  17. yikes...:eek:

  18. well, i thought it was funny :)
  19. Oh ye of little faith, pastor :D!!!
    That was funny!

    At first I didn't get it though :$

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