Jesus Wants to hear about your Burdens

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  1. Jesus Wants to hear about your Burdens

    Jesus Wants to Hear About Your Burdens

    Jesus stopped there and said, "Bring that blind man to me!"
    When the blind man came near, Jesus asked him, "What do you
    want me to do for you?" The blind man said, "Lord, I want to
    see again."

    -- Luke 18:40-41 (ERV)

    You see them on the street. "How you doing?" they ask. "Fine." Your
    reply is automatic and instinctive. However, you are not fine. You just
    know that they don't really want to hear about your burdens. They are
    just being nice and giving you a perfunctory greeting. If you are
    blessed, you may actually have a few folks close to you who are
    interested in the heaviness in your heart, but the vast majority of
    folks don't want to hear about it. In fact, many folks don't have a
    single person who really wants to share the burdens of their heart.
    Jesus, however, will take the time to listen and has the heart to hear.
    Offer him the burdens of your heart!
  2. Thank you, Dusty~
    This is true.
    He does hear us and will comfort us!

  4. So true Brother Larry...... Why are people so phony. People don't really care if you are fine or not.And anyways they don't want to hear if you are not.

    Violet.... thankyou for that beautiful picture Now I have to ask brother Larry ( My coach) How can I transfer that picture onto my computer to save my files. Oh he is giving me so much information. It takes a while to absorb it all but I am so grateful and they say that a busy mind has less chance for dementia.... Right ?:eek::eek:

  5. Dusty, just right click and save image~
    Look and remember where you saved it to.
  6. Do you ever long for Jesus to physically hold you in his loving arms like that?
  7. Yes!!! I asked him one time to hold my hand as I weeped and I felt a sudden peace from head to feet and I actually stopped crying and calmed down. I can't explain it besides he did in fact hold my hand as I asked. I knew it was He!!!
  8. Violet, that's strange!

    Because on some nights when I can't sleep...I imagine Jesus hugging me and I'm hugging him back. I feel his cloak, his arms, his infinite overwhelms me and I sack out on the couch sometimes when I'm having a moment like this with my Saviour!:)'s true! Sometimes, I answer back honestly. "My back is killing me! My watch is too tight and my hand fell asleep!" Just to see the reactions. But whoever asks me, I return the question..."and how about yourself?"

    It's strange, though...some waitresses and gas station attendants and such are genuinely shocked when I return the question and then standby and wait for an answer. I do this because they're people too...and I care about them. But it's just that sometimes the look on their faces tell me that nobody has been concerned enough about them that day to ask how they're doing.:eek:

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