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  1. This is correct. As free spirits, we will always still have power to speak as we wish (1 Corinthians 14:32). Thought I'd better make myself clear on that one. Good point, Cturtle.
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  2. It's Totally Our Choice In What We Allow Ourselves To Think Or Speak.

    Galatians 5:16
    So I say, let the Holy Spirit guide your lives. Then you won't be doing what your sinful nature craves.

    If the Holy Spirit controls what we speak, Paul didn't know that and better yet neither did the Holy Spirit who Influenced what Paul wrote.

    However we know better then that.
    It's up to us to be willing to listen and obey the Holy Spirit.
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  3. True, we have to be willing vessels. For God is a spirit, and needs us to be his mouthpiece, and His body in the earth. If we don't, He will get someone else, for His plan will always be fulfilled.
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  4. And the tongue is a fire, a world of iniquity: so is the tongue among our members, that it defileth the whole body, and setteth on fire the course of nature; and it is set on fire of hell.

    The cross reference says
    Sets The Wheel Of Nature In Motion.

    So We See Words make things happen no matter if you believe they do or not.

    Frome Genesis to Revelation we are told about the importance of our words.
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  5. Amen, FC JIm, Cturtle and Hidden In Him;

    Thank you and am blessed by your ministering to me as well. I agree what you are sharing regarding "control" when the spirit gives us freewill to speak as we wish - 1 Corinthians 14:32. This also takes work as growing disciples.

    The context of "control" also equates to Biblical self-control, the Holy Spirit's cleansing of gossip, verbal manipulation, fabricating lies, etc...and replaced with freewill speaking sprinkled with salt and light that will minister to others. The Holy Spirit guides us, increases our power to monitor what we say as the Lord builds us up in our training to witness, evangelize, teach and preach. The more we grow in this discipline the more we are empowered to speak our freewill that will bring glory to God.

    In our called ministries, speaking is one of our tools, and we are in the "people business" of introducing souls to Christ. We also help and minister to people with extreme challenges that can be very unpleasant. In my weakness I always submit on the Holy Spirit to guide what I will say, choose my words wisely at that time and moment. God always delivers!

    From another angle, I don't believe the Holy Spirit "controls" what we say as if we're operating machines, of course not. God gives us freewill speaking but with His loving training I learn more and more in my daily verbal relationship with my wife, family and others that my words will uplift and encourage them for His glory.

    God bless you all!
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  6. amen-hdr.gif
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  7. Good thoughts.... the more we align our Words up with Thee Word, the more our Words will be full of grace to minister to the hearer (Ephesians 4:29).

    And the more we renew our minds to/with Thee Word (Romans 12:2) the more of the Word that is in us in abundance comes out of our hearts (Matthew 12:34)... and thus our tongues (speech) will be more controlled.
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  8. This is AWESOME, Hidden In Him, thank you for sharing this Spirit Led, brother! Can I ask, when you serve in the worship team, is this the music ministry - praise and worship, or the worship prayer team? I meant to send you a pm and FC Jim was helping me but I'm still trying to figure it out. I guess my chances of joining the tech staff may take awhile. lol!

    I am blessed by your posts and look forward to sharing more topics with you and everybody. God bless you, brother!

    Ok, I have to go. My wife is asking me to sign off and the spirit is giving me freewill to listen to her. lol!
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  9. And Wisdom!!
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  10. Hi All,
    I believe that if we are truly open to the Spirit, then he will put the words into our mouths. I know that I have spent many hours prepping a talk, when I get there I do not say what I planned as the Spirit leads me in different directions. One day I found myself totally confused to be talking about prayer, again not what I had planned but the words came and after the service one woman came and said that is exactly what she needed. If we are totally open and give ourselves for His service he will use our tongues.

    Has anyone ever spoken to a stranger because they felt God was telling them too? It can be scary bit of we are true to God we have to recognise and respond to what he is asking our tongues to do.

    It can be really exciting to hear what you don't know you will be saying.
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  11. Online yes. And afterwards I read what the Holy Spirit wrote through me and was totally amazed and was able to read it a few times and be fed/ministered to by it.

    Glory to God! How awesome He is!
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  12. Greetings Neddy
    That's it !!
    That is the Key and Vitaly Important that we be willing to be willing to Submit unto the Holy Spirit.
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  13. Something also came to mind in reading this. Part of disciplining our tongues for the Lord's use also involves not just walking in obedience to what we are not supposed to say but in obediently speaking forth what we are supposed to be saying. I often go with fear and trembling these days in some of the things He leads me to post. I'm like, "Are you sure you want me to say that?" He'll say, "Not quite ready yet. Change this or that," or "Add that." Then I'll do so and ask again (whenever it's something that seems to be a little out there and/or controversial), "are you sure?" and He'll say "Send it." I'm like, "Are you really, really sure?" "Send it. It'll be ok." So I just take a step of faith and off it goes, with me fearing if I've just made a complete idiot out of myself. But it always bears fruit, until finally I end up saying to myself, "Thank God I didn't chicken out." Ha Ha!
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  14. Just the other day as a matter of fact! I was at Walmart getting some new tires and an oil change, and so I went to the in-house Subway to eat while I waited. There's this guy at the next table in front of me who seems pretty agitated with a younger sibling. So I'm just listening, and eventually the guy said something like "I don't know what I'm gonna do with out that job. Fixing cars is the only thing I know how to do" *pretty angrily.* Well, I'm getting ready to leave and almost outside the restaurant when the Spirit drew me back to just go say hello to the guy and tell him God loves Him and will help him if he asks for it. So I'm slowly walking up to the guy nervously, like I'm gonna do this but I'm a wee bit uncomfortable about it. This guy was upset, and could turn around and really tell me what to do with myself. But I obeyed, and got up close and said, "Hey there man. I overheard you talking about some things, and I just wanted to tell you..." Well, tears started welling up in his eyes, and he said I was the third person in three days to walk up out of the blue and tell him God loves him.

    I left the whole thing in his hands as far as what he would do about it, but just reminded him that this was more proof that when God knows people really need His help, He shows up to let them know He is there for them. :) Maybe I should have pressed him to do more but his wife had just walked up and he seemed embarrassed about saying much in front of her, or at least that was my impression. But at least I obeyed God to open my mouth.
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  15. Hey, Bob! Almost missed this post. Yeah, I served as part of the praise and worship team. I play bass and guitar, and also use foot pedals for keys and bass. That was a while back, though. I'm gifted, but my main calling is as a teacher.

    I haven't started a conversation here yet myself, so maybe when you figure it out you can teach me. :)

    Looking forward to hearing from you.
    In Christ.
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  16. I am so glad you sad this, because it is exactly how I feel sometimes when God puts words into my mouth, should I, shouldn't I? However I get that nudge that only comes from God to help guide me. We are but human and we doubt ourselves, sometimes I wonder are these God's words or mine. I know I get it wrong some times, most of these times is when I am not true to God by doubting myself.
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  17. Hi Hidden in Him,
    This is fantastic, well done for being true to what God was asking of you! I'm in England here and have limited time to read the forum so messages might be delayed in sending. Thank you Lord for Hidden in Him's faith.
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  18. I forgot to say that if something like that happens I try to make it a rule that I also pray for that person every day for a week. Sometimes I get these random thoughts months later and find myself praying again for the stranger because I felt I should. Sometimes I don't speak to people, but pray for them. I was praying for someone on the train the other day but will never know why.
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  19. That was a wonderful thing to say, Neddy. You know, I minister to a lot of people. Sometimes I interpret visions or dreams for them, and they get so spooked because of the accuracy that they run off and I never hear from them again. Or they thank me profusely, but then disappear off into the sunset and I never hear from them again.

    But then there are the ones that offer me some sort of kind word, and sometimes just for a simple word of advice or encouragement, and they make all the difference in the world. It's nice to be appreciated, even if it's over a little thing. So never forget what your words can mean to people. Sometimes all the teaching and "ministry" in the world can never compare to just a few kind words from someone letting you know you are appreciated.

    Thank you so much. :love:
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  20. Ouch! A word of conviction. Yes, Ma'am. I most certainly should be doing that. I need to go pray here soon. Been too busy apparently because it's been at least a day.

    Thanks for the good advice. (y)
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