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  1. Hello all,

    I'm new to these forums and maybe you don't know me, I've met some member in my introductory post, and I was amazed to see such nice greetings. I already like it here :).
    I am going to mention one episode from my life's story that has redirected my life towards God's way.
    For sometime now, let's say more than a year I think I may have suffered from light forms of anxiety, these states would get worse almost every time i was in a public transportation (bus, metro, but never in a train - have no idea why) and there were times i would get really fuzzy being in one. If you know the sensation you know what i mean, but if you don't know it, let me try to explain this as clear as i can...being there can be like torture, that's how you feel and in the same time your brain is just flooded with thoughts : "What if.... ? What this... ? What that .... ? it's like brainstorming against your will, your thoughts go to every corner of your brain searching for something. You (and the decisions YOU want to make) in this point are just an observer, it seems there is something else inside you giving orders. It sometime made me wonder, in those moments i just "waited" i was not aware that i was being controlled.
    And guess how things turned out.

    One day in the bus, i was feeling ok, lately i started feeling better because of the time spent in prayer/meditation. Of course my mind was wandering a bit, and from random thoughts from time to time I just heard "You are not alone, God will always be with you". You cannot imagine what I felt in that moment. It was like every small organism in my body has been locked in small prison cells and in that moment every door has been opened and light filled the darkness that was surrounding everything. I spent the next 20 minutes in the bus happier than i have ever been before and had a big smile on my face.

    Thank you for listening to me
    God bless
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  2. Hi Optik,
    Having been diagnosed with bi-polar 5 years ago i can totally understand where you are coming from on this. You describe the panic attacks so well.

    After i first became a Christian i was laying in bed one night and felt what can only be described as a warm hand on me. It was comforting and reassuring and made me feel all "fuzzy" inside. I also heard words to the same effect as you. Your post really reminded me of this .....thanks for sharing :)
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  3. I have such a warm feeling in my heart that I am talking to people who understand the message I'm trying to transmit. When people come together and share the feelings they sincerely have they realize that we're the same when it comes to the sentimental part, like small parts of the whole.
    I can only dream of ONE world....:Dwhen we all will go holding hands
  4. I'm so glad you feel that way and are able to vocalise how you feel - its awesome!!!!
  5. It's true that sometimes we try to express something, but we get a wrong way. I think there are things we experience in life that could not be put in words.
    But i guess sometimes it's not wrong trying to tell a dream about the way you perceive life.
  6. Wow thats really neat, i suffer from anxiety as well. But its social anxiety.... I get nervous and jittery around people, my mind goes blank and I feel like I'm going to mess up.... and O understand how you feel. But I bet that felt so nice , the Lord telling you, you aren't alone... I hope I hear that one day... and be freed of this toreture... social anxiety causes me.. Its like being imprisioned in your own body : /
  7. Hi Pancakes

    I find focusing on my breath to be the best way to relieve that blank mind. You could try it, but you have to be patient, results may come over time.
    You can be free from this torture, for sure, but great willpower is needed. I am confident one day you will find the power to overcome your anxiety.
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  8. oh yeah i know that sensation! lol its not an awsome experience

    well God made everything, Our brains, our minds, so He can talk to you (but i havent heard his voice tho) good for you hehe

    but with praying it calms me down...

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