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  1. Read: Matthew 25: 14-30(NKJV)

    Like in this story, we shouldn't bury our talent. God has gifted each one of us with a particular talent. We need to use it for the benefit of the kingdom of God, so it will bless and encourage others. By allowing our talents to be utilized, not only can we have a big impact on someone else's life, but we can also be blessed ourselves. We find great fulfilment in what we do. And we should do, for we were born for it.

    Our lives shouldn't just consist of work, sleep and the menial tasks of everyday life. We need to use the talents God has given us to make a difference in our world. Even if it's some quirky gift we think no one would be interested in, we need to find ways in which we can use it.

    As we use the talents God has given us, He brings increase. Just like the two others in this story, who went off and used the talents that were given to them, God brought the increase. In both cases, it was doubled. God will use us in far more ways than we ever dreamed of, and expand our borders so many people can be blessed as a result.

    May we not be like the one that did nothing with the talent given him - only to hide it. Whatever it is that God has blessed you with, consider using it to glorify God. After all, He created you to be used in this way.

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  2. A person may wonder what their talent is.
    Because we are our worst enemy God sometimes refines our talents through failure.
    Consider scriptural examples.
    Moses was born a leader but he had to experience serious failure before God could use him...
  3. Yes, God knew Moses talent. But Moses did not. Maybe that's why he went through what he went to so that he (Moses) can see what he was called to do. When he discovered what he was meant to do, he used his Talent that was given to him.

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