Is this right or wrong?

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  1. Is this right or wrong?

    I have a question to ask.

    My wife has picked up work with her dad. They buy storage units where the people have not paid for three months, then they go to auction. Is this right? Does God's Word condemn this. My heart sinks for these people, esp. today, my wife crochets and today she came home with a little pooh-bear costume for my daughter from one of the units. I saw my daughter wearing what somone else lost, my wife holding of a shawl she said she was going to give to the prayer shawl ministry, and a bible on the kitchen table that belonged to them. The people had asked the storage unit to retain their personal items, so anythin personal that was found was kept aside for them, however the bible was buried in a box. Is this ok? Or is this getting evil gain for your house. I guess what bothers me is we could easily be in the same situation, things are very tight. Is the Lord providing for my family through this, and do i say 'no,' or is this getting evil gain for your house and we're being tested at a time when no money is coming in? Jesus please let me know, please stir the hearts of your other children to respond to us with wisdom, and rescue us out of any temptation, may we discern between good and evil in this matter, in Jesus' Name, amen
  2. This is an excellent question, thank you so much for sharing it.
    It is so hard to know what is right and what is wrong in instances like this one. I see your point, and as much as i want to say i don't think what they are doing is wrong, i do lean toward what yoiu are saying. It hurts to see other's lose things because they cnnot pay for them. And it shows your kind christian heart and that the spirit is leading you, which is so wonderful.
    I would feel uncomfortable taking the things, is it wrong? well, I think in your heart you will have to ultimatly be the judge of that, but as far as it being wrong, no. Is it spiritually wrong? Anything that brings suffering to your conscience in my opinion is wrong. But, that is me.
    Just allow the LORD to guide and lead you and you will do well. many blessings to you, and feel free to come back anytime!:):)
  3. Is it wrong? I can't say, but I can say that I wouldn't feel comfortable doing it. I, like you, am a tender-hearted individual, and I can't believe God would be happy knowing that I'm benefiting from someone else's loss. My Bible teaches that if someone is in need of a cloak, I'm supposed to give them mine, not the other way around.

    If it's really bothering you, I think you should talk to your wife about it. If this was truly God's will, would you have such negative feelings about it? After all, confusion does not come from God, neither does doubt. I know it's tempting to keep it up since it's meeting financial needs, but if you do the right thing, God will honor your actions. He'll provide another way. Talk it over with your wife. Explain how you're feeling. Then decide from there.
  4. I don't think it is wrong at all. The units where going to be sold whether or not they where bought by your wife. I feel bad for the people who lost the items, and if I where in this business I would try and find out the owner and give the most meaningful stuff back to them if they lost anything. If you feel in your heart that it's not the right thing to do, then definitely don't do it! What's okay for some people to do isn't necessarily the same for everyone.
  5. We are to submit to the governing authorities for they too are established by God. Romans 13.

    Based on that, and I am going to assume that the renters of the storage units agree to and enter into a contractural agreement prior to renting the space. Then in my opinion, this is a purely legal decision based on the terms of the contract.

    As long as the law has been adhered to, I see no cause for fault on your part either before God nor before man.

    All that being said, it is neither wise, nor safe, to go against conscience. If it bothers you, then you are not bound to keep anything you choose to give away. No personal item is worth the weight of a troubled conscience.

    Edited to add: A troubled conscience will take your focus away from Christ, and place your attention on the items that are troubling you. In a very broad way, that is a form of idolitry. "IF" that is how you feel... Again..."IF" that is how you feel, I strongly encourage you to rid yourselves of those items. :)
  6. This is sage advice R4TS.

    I ususally follow the rule that if I have to think about it for very long; for me that means my conscience is saying don't do it.

    Blessings, Cheri
  7. I would have to say that the sale of the units is in compliance with the agreement that the rental people made with the company but if you had an address of the people who belonged to the items , in my estimation , I would try to find them and return their belongings. That in my mind would be the Christian thing to do .

    Because you are feeling so uncomfortable about the whole issue poses the question as to whether the Holy Spirit is nudging you not to do these things . In my mind you and your wife need to sit down and talk about all these issues . Only you , your wife and asking the Lord to help you with this problem will it be solved . No one can make that decision for you . God Bless.
  8. "Love your neighbour as you love yourself". How would you want people to treat you that had your personal possesions?

    Personally, I would give them back, it may require a bit of effort, but just think of the impact you would make on their lives. I can assure you that it will lead some of them to Christ. I can also assure you that many are praying that their personel items are returned. God has put you in this situation because you can make a difference!

    We are in this world but not of this world, do something out of the norm showing the love of Christ.

    God bless in Jesus name.
  9. This is a good question , and your so right to say it could easily be any of us ,that is how bad the economy is . Personally I believe the Items that are directly linked to that specific family such as Photo's Bible's etc.... should be mailed to the owners even though they did not have the ability to pay the cost of the unit for 3 months . A mere 90 days does not justify taking the life memories that belong to that family , for all we know , that special picture and them seeing that some one special smile in it may in fact be the little smidgen of faith they so desperately need ,when all they once had is now gone :smiley170: Besides it costs very little to mail a package and I am sure the rental unit secretaries have contact information , they have to have that ,to do bussiness
    now in the case the family files bankruptcy and it is discovered there was something priceless in the unit that was aucioned at a fraction of worth ,it could get messy business for the rental folks , there is sectional laws that always provide for exceptional circumstances , these type of dilemmas folks get into is one of them :smiley170: It is truly sad that this is occurring at a staggering number across America and people would be better off finding a friend with a basement or having extended family ,if they can afford to to pick up there personal belongings . That is why if I know I am ever going to make a move across the country ,I will be taking personal Photo's and not replaceable items with me when I go rather than ever go the route of a storage facility .
  10. Let me speak from inside the business. My DW and I manage a self storage facility and have worked in this business in two different states. The basics of the business are the same throughout the US.

    When a person comes in to rent they sign an agreement, just like leasing or renting a house, and the terms are very clear. We go over the agreement in detail and particularly the lien process. A person is given every opportunity to pay in full and (at least with us) we make every effort to work with the person to help them not loose their belongings. For various reasons a person doesn't pay and eventually the goods are sold to satisfy the lien which normally only brings in pennies on the dollar for whats owed. Also most o these people whose units are sold are repeatedly delinquent in payment. There are exceptions.

    Now to the questions I believe that this is a business, like any other business, where cash is exchanged or services or goods. If someone pays for something with bad tender, it's a legal matter. If someone doesn't pay for a service per an agreement. Its a legal matter.

    When it finally reaches a point where a persons goods are sold our auction department makes every effort to identify and protect any personal items. The definition of personal items is usually the sticky point. The purchaser of the items are also encouraged to return any personal items found to the storage facility so they can be returned to the owner, if claimed. We retain all personal items for one year. We seldom have anyone come in to claim their personal items though we do make it a point to tell them before the auction that if any personal items are discovered they will be retained for one year and they can claim them at any time during that year.

    Whether you should return personal items you find if you purchase goods in an auction is a personal decision. I would. Many don't. I will say that it's very unlikely that those personal items will ever make it into the hands of the owner simply because the owner will not, does not, claim them.

    When we first started in this business it was very upsetting to us to see a persons goods sold. After working in this business for several years we still feel the same but it is different. We've seen that there is very little interest in paying for services rendered or claiming personal items that are retained. Quite often (95 out of a 100) we are not even able to contact the person. Many of who have just skipped town (so to speak).

    Just thought I'd give you another perspective from the inside.
  11. The Peace of my Lord be with you all, I am sure within my Spirit that anything that brings worry within, is your own Spirit shouting out to you, if you follow the Law and claim we only followed the Law, then you can live with it, however we are Christians and in Christ we follow His commands, His way not the ways of men. What would Jesus do?????? Do what Jesus would would do.

    In Jesus the answer is simple, do as He would do. Live with your heart focused on Him, if it hurts because of what you do, listen to it and give ear to your Spirit within.

    All of us are guilty of running with the Law before running with the Spirit, the key here is to live by the Spirit it speaks to you everyday, give it ear.

    Anything that brings pain or suffering to another is wrong, even when they brought it upon themselves or by the nature of men. We are to help others in times of need, for what is money or riches anyway. What can it give you, that God can't, store your riches in heaven and be blessed by the giver of life.

    My wife is sick, sorry thats the wrong word sick I mean, she should be dead... The doctor has no idea why she is still alive and still getting around. Its Gods own Spirit in her keeping her alive until she can have her operation. That is the blessings worth fighting for. Give to others and recieve from Him 10 times more.

    Peace to you and I pray the Holy Spirit rests within your heart to make the right choices in life, praying for you and your life in Him.
  12. these verses

    i can't remember the book, chapter, or verse out of the bible that jesus said this, but the pharisees were testing him, asking him if people should pay taxes or give tithes and offerings. jesus saw through their trick and said this, "give to cesar what is cesar's, and give to God, what is God's" according to the contract that those people signed, those items legally aren't theirs anymore. but, remember that jesus said that the greatest commandment in the bible is, "Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind.'[a] 38This is the first and greatest commandment. 39And the second is like it: 'Love your neighbor as yourself." out of love for these people, and love for your god, returning these possessions is the right thing to do. And what better way to witness to someone than by doing that???
  13. I would suggest praying whole heartedly about it. God will lead you to the answers that you desire. also have others pray for you too. here is a webpage that is tottally free and very helpful in the spirit of praying and faith. God bless and I will be praying for you also.

    www.everydayfaithandprayer com

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