Is suicide a sin?

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  1. As a new believer I struggle to find certain verses in the bible to answer my many questions. I recently heard that a Christian had committed suicide and I was wondering if that is a sin. The 10 commandments does not mention it so my question is:
    Does God forgive suicide and where is it mentioned in the Bible?
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  2. Suicide is a killing, and so the Ten Commandments covers it. If a person is a true believer, yet falls victim to the mental disease of deep depression, and reaches a point of complete desperation, he has already been forgiven of all his sin at the point of salvation. We are forgiven of all our sin---all meaning past, present and future sin. So, he is already forgiven and considered righteous by God, and will not be condemned as all our sin is imputed to Jesus Christ. He will be received by the Father, but of course, he has cut short his life, and forfeited rich rewards he would have received had he pressed into God and claimed his healing.
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  3. Hi Elizabeth,
    Ohh this is a tough one for me to even attempt to reply, but I think Euphemia is on the right tack. When I read her reply it sat well with my spirit.
    I hope your ok though?..... :)
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  4. What about... You shall not murder, Ex 20.13

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  5. As others pointed out, 10 commandments does refer to it when it says Do not murder. The question is not whether suicide is a sin. I think the question is, is this sin also forgiven for a believer? I think Euphemia has summed it up very nicely! I do agree with her. It is quite a sensitive topic though.
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  6. If we think the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ gives us an excuse to sin we are on very shaky ground. Suicide is murder plain and simple therefore it is sinful. The word of God is clear, sin shall not have dominion over you....

    He who knows his masters will and does not do it will be beaten with many stripes!

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  7. Not one single true believer I know (and I know hundreds) believes that we can take God's great grace for granted and sin willy nilly.

    That a Christian still sins from time to time doesn't mean he has allowed sin dominion. That a Christian becomes seriously ill and falls victim to deep depression and acts out in a self-destructive way that brings an end to his life doesn't mean he has forfeited salvation---just certain rewards that God has had stored up for him had he lived. He will be welcomed into His Saviour's comforting arms. There is no regret in heaven.
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  8. I've had sleepless nights over this because I know I have to face Sarah and give my condolences. I was unsure whether to say your daughter is now in resting in the bosom of the Lord. She didn't come to work today so we have not had the conversation.

    The issue is Sarah's daughter who was my age and also a Christian committed suicide. Sarah sent word that she would like to talk to me when she returns to work. I am the same age as her daughter but Sarah is a firm un-believer I don't want to mislead or say the wrong thing because I'm a new Christian and I know nothing.
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  9. Awwwww you poor thing! I think for even 'seasoned' Christians Death and speaking about it is tough. Its very sensitive and yes you don't want to say the wrong thing.
    The very few times I have had to say my condolences I have looked for comforting scriptures like 1 Thessalonians 4:14-17.. The dead in Christ will rise first and Matthew 5:4.. Blessed are they that mourn... But I now understand why you were asking the q's as to not be Biblically incorrect. We don't always have the answers and that is something I'm learning to be relaxed with as a Christian on my Faith journey. People may think you ought to know all the answers but don't feel any way to tell your friends Mum you don't have answers to some of her q's, and by all means sign post her to your pastor or someone who can handle her questions.

    The internet is also really good as you can get some fab Bible quotes and see which ones you like and put that in a card, Also try not to lose much more sleep on this issue, it is very, very sad this situation but as you are already doing just be a comfort when you can, offer prayers and when you feel it's too much for you take a step back.

    God Bless You.
  10. Suicide is a tough one, and while no sin (aside from blaspheming the spirit) is unforgivable, there is always the argument that a true Christian could not become overwhelmed by depression that they would commit suicide.

    One of my friends that I grew up with decided to take his life a few years back, he was a professed christian, and I could see fruits in his life. However, even if he wasn't really saved, it makes no difference now. Heaven is going to be the same with or without him, all we can do is keep our hands to the work with what needs to be done here on earth.
  11. Romans 12:
    15 Be happy with those who are happy, and weep with those who weep.

    Galatians 6: 2 Share each other’s burdens, and in this way obey the law of Christ.

    Let her know how much this has affected you so you may share in her grief. This is the only way to help her, by sharing her sorrow.
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    Suicide is a sin! Even though we can not judge a person : it is wrong to kill yourself. It is really tough situation because we do not know what frame of mine of this person who commits suicide. God is all merciful and it is in his hands. Believe me there are good people who kill themselves because of depression and financial hardship. Trust in God and the power of prayer will prevail.
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  13. Thank you for the response, it is a question I have had for a long time but never heard the answer put so eloquently.
  14. I disagree with the whole no true Christian can take their own life... If you've never experienced a sliver of depression let alone other mental illnesses its best not to comment on them..

    Anyway I remember in the bible Jesus sweating grape sized amounts of sweat asking for his cup to be taken away from him, angels had to strengthen him..and He was god (and also human) ...depression,anxiety,bipolar,schizophrenia or any other illness can bring you to your knees and push you to the edge ...

    If you haven't experienced any of much rather you just say Despite the turn of events god still loves the person who took their life..bc that's true... And your not trying to rack your brain to come up with an answer as to why it happened...nor are you spitting out insensitive one liners like ," god doesn't give u more than u can bear" ...

    I feel people say that just to get people to shut up..bc they don't know how to deal with and help them through the emotions they're going through..

    I find saying ," idk, by I'm here for you" to be much more comforting than apathetic one liners.

    And one last thing just BC someone may suffer from a mental disorder doesn't mean they don't have faith for them to be healed... It just happens... God didnt heal everyone or redirect everyone in the bible...paul was a man of faith and still had a thorn in his side.. So to say that is extremely insulting...
    God has a reason for everything he does.He doesn't take everything away.
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  15. The only sin that is unforgivable is blasphemy of the Holy Spirit because in unbelief one is saying the works of God are the works of Satan and sometimes vice versa...calling the good evil and the evil good etc. Suicide is sin, but in case of one who has had heir sins covered by His atoning blood, who are now sealed by the Spirit until the day of redemption, His willing sacrifice even covers this...Euphemia said it so well....Gods will to-usward is love (even as sinners) not wrath and rage....

    Who can fathom the depth and breadth of such a love toward us? Thank you Lord for your mercy and grace...
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  16. Is it a sin to die of "cancer" or some other disease? Does a Christian go to hell because of some incurable disease that they die of? Of course, if there was no sin in the world there would be no sickness, or disease.
    Mental illness is a disease of the mind, as no one in their right mind would want to kill themselves as it goes against human nature.
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  17. I appreciate your appreciation...thank you!
  18. We all sin and fall short of the glory of the Lord. But if we are Christians, we know that we will be with Christ. If we believe in Him. Plus we will see His face and others that have gone on before us. Bear in mind suicide is sad and it is a sin. But Christ paid the way for our sins on the Cross and rose from the dead.
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  19. You have stated the truth in a very cogent way.
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  20. God is the saviour of all men, especially those who believe....

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