Is smoking consider as a sinful act?

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  1. I've been smoking for over 10 years. I personally feel that smoking is not a sinful act but somehow I feel embarrassed among my Christian friends especially when I'm aware that I carried the cigarette smells around. Despite my bad habit which I don't expose it publicly , I couldn't see any Scripture which against such a bad habit . I'm open up to all your opinion or critisim.
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    As inhaling smoke into one's lungs is as foreign a thing to the body as anything, and it causes disease and death, and as we who know Christ are to take care of the temple where God dwells, it should definitely be considered that smoking cigarettes (tobacco, or any other substance) would be a behaviour that would rob God of His rightful dominion in that life, and over that one particular area of a carnal pleasure.

    I once smoked between the ages of 18 and 28 (10 years, also!) and then quit. I also felt very guilty and would hide it from those I knew who were Christians...and that is because the Lord was convicting me about it.

    1 Corinthians 6:19-20
    Don’t you realize that your body is the temple of the Holy Spirit, who lives in you and was given to you by God? You do not belong to yourself, 20 for God bought you with a high price. So you must honor God with your body.

    btw: Welcome to CFS!

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  3. There really is no "sin" associated with smoking, any more than it is a sin to drink soda pop. I'd give the same advice a saint gave me "make sure that you have the habit and that the habit does not have you". On the health side, an active person can get away with smoking for about 20 years before it starts causing permanent damage. After that it will eventually kill you regardless of what you do.
    Leonard Nimoy died of COPD after having quit smoking decades before.
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  4. Well you are going to have to stop when you have a baby one day. Smoking whilst pregnant IS a sin. NO debate there ;).
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  6. Thank you [emoji4]
  7. Thank you [emoji4]
  8. Oneof the many miracles that Jesus Christ performed in my life was quitting smoking. I quit the very same day I accepted Jesus as my Lord and Saviour.

    I don't know if smoking is 'technically' a sin or not but when it comes to my relationship with God, I don't take any chances.
  9. Smoking, drugs, tattoos, porn, adultery and sexual immorality.

    The world today sees all this as harmless fun but it isn't, it really isn't.
  10. How in the world do you place tattoos with porn and adultry ?
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  11. The reason why God does not like smoking is really simple - He hates anything that can harm us or kill us or destroy us. He Loves us and wants all ofour beings to prosper and smoking steals this away.
    Welcome Mely Pearl and God Bless
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  12. I'm confused as to how tattoos are even close to adultery or fornication?

    To the op:
    Smoking a cigar every now and then would be the same as drinking a beer every now and then.

    However on the same note, if smoking has become a habit, or an addiction, it is a problem.

    Does God love you any less? No, and other Christians shouldn't ostracize you for it. however the benefits of quitting outweigh the risks, both spiritually and physically.
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  13. Thank you.. ya I agree.. if smoking caused me to compromise my time and relationship with God. It is a problem..
  14. Amen and just always be willing to listen if He begins to tug at you to stop.
    God Bless
  15. Yea I agree Klub for I have no idea why tatoo's would be placed with pron and adultry and so forth BUT I have known some "religious" Christians who wont let their children have freinds with tatoo's or wont allow them in their church. Not really a problem though - I have not seen Jesus in there either. ;) know what I mean
  16. I would say tattoos are worse then smoking as far as sin goes. Most start smoking from peer pressure or are in need of something to relax them / a kind of time out on par with eating sweets for the pleasure it brings.

    Unless we get tattoos for some cultural or work related necessity, they are for our vanity. Our vanity is in 100% opposition to Christianity which is death to self.

    Smoking may push vanity but not on the level tattoos do. Tattoos are a permanent display of someone's vanity.
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  17. I speaking out of my personal experience encountered with God as I myself still have a tattoo with me. When I was 19 I tattooed a guy name on my chest to prove my love for him , years later I regret and so I covered up with the rose. Having tattoo is definitely a sin because the symbol of tattoo serve as an open door for the devil and yes I had many years of miserable because of it.

    Since the day I returned back to God .I know my position in Christ. My passed sin will no longer be condemned. Though my tattoo remained in my body but it doesn't stay in my soul for my soul belongs to Jesus Christ! When I get my immortal body during Jesus second coming, it will no longer be there because I am made new and perfect and righteous in Christ. So , having a tattoo in my body is no longer an issue as long as I don't get another one. What I'm focusing right now is having a good and close relationship with Him and my pass sin will no longer be a stronghold for me to experience Him at higher level. Now I look at my tattoo is a reminder of how God have redeemed me from the darkness and together with Him we will find victory.
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  18. Thank you. God bless you.[emoji4]

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