Is Jesus popular at your church?...

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  1. You can tell how popular a church is by the Sunday meeting attendance.
    You can tell how popular Jesus is by the prayer meeting attendance.

    “My house will be called a house of prayer for all nations!” (Isaiah 56:7)

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  2. Here is even a more in depth test.
    What does the attendance look like on Wednesday night and the teaching series that run Wednesday through Saturday night compared to Sunday
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  3. Why do you do it on Sunday?

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  4. Please do not turn this thread into another forum debate on the true sabbath day. They tend to bring out the crankies.
    Thank you
  5. Ok.

    The world needs to know the Truth.

    I did believe in the deception, but now I'm free.

    It happens when you believe in Him.

    Not many people know about the other threads.

    Do you want to continue believing on a lie?

    It's your decision, always.

    Peace be with you brother.

    I don't want to high jack any threads.

    Sorry, I saw the deception, so I needed to interfere.

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  6. Can i ask why you think this is a deception? And to expound on your thoughts so that I can understand where your coming from.

    Thank you and God Bless you
  7. There have been 3 other threads regarding the subject of sabbath vs Sunday.

    We should not discuss that here because it would be considered highjacking this thread.

    Yo should check those other threads:
    The Hoax of the 3 days and 3 nights.
    The Arguments for Sunday.
    The 3 days and the 3 nights.

    If you go there, you'll see where I'm coming from, but we should be more interested in the Word of God and who cares about me.
    I'm a sinner like you are.

    What we need to do is to discover the truth and if we know it, we should pass it on.

    Peace be with you brothers.

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  8. Thank you for your response...I will go to look at them, and maybe even begin another thread to discuss this peacefully in depth.

    Edit..add in....can you tell me what section these threads are located in. Search results turned up nothing.

    God bless you
  9. @Cturtle

    I found my notes regarding those threads:

    "The Arguments for Sunday"
    Christian Heaven Forum

    "The Hoax of The Three Days and Three Nights"
    Theology Online Forum

    "Three Days and Three Nights"
    Christian Forum

    May God give us His Wisdom to understand His Message.

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  10. So these are not in our forum?

    Thanks for finding your notes :)
  11. You'll find enough discussions there to fill your knowledge bucket.

    Enjoy the review of those threads.

    Peace be with you sister.

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  12. Wow, AmadeoIS, you said you didn't want to hijack this thread. You said, "I don't want to high jack any threads." If you really meant that, you would have shown your respect for me as a brother by not diverting this thread with your off-topic posts. And if you are really telling the truth and really mean what you say, then prove it by not doing it anymore. (And if you really believe that what you are saying is the truth, then I encourage you to have faith and trust God to bring people to your posts and to stop taking advantage of others.)
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  13. I want you to know that I'm not angry with you. And I really do appreciate a person who is zealous for what they believe is the truth. But there are perhaps better, more persuasive ways to go about it than what you exhibited on this post. And I pray for you, as I pray for myself, that the Holy Spirit leads you into all truth, and uses you to bless many.
  14. @Loon Watchman
    My apologies brother and this was moved to pm and is going into a thread.
    Brother @AmadeoIS quickly did move to pm once everything was caught up. We had issues with data yesterday and our stuff moved slow so a few post and pm took longer to go through.

    My apologies again my brother and friend.
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  15. Thanks, Jim. No problem -- stuff happens.
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