Is It Ok To Advertise?

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  1. Is wearing a tshirt with a verse ok?
  2. I kind of struggle with this issue too. When I first started reading my Bible daily it was all I would talk about and I was afraid I was being "showy. " I think that it's okay to advertise that you're a Christian as long as you aren't doing it purely to be noticed.

    Then again, tee shirts are an awesome way to start conversations, so maybe it's good to want to be noticed. I get graphic tees from a website that does limited edition tees daily and I get compliments on them every time I wear them because not very many people have that same shirt. It would be awesome if there were Christian tees like that so when people compliment our shirt we can witness to them.
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  3. My little girl goes to a Christian school and they have shirts with verses. The reason why I didn't get one is because I'm not sure if ripped/tainted is offensive. I compare it to the American Flag, I feel offended when I see it ripped and ruined and still up. I believe that it should be properly disposed. To show respect.

    Speaking of dispose, how do you properly dispose a Bible? Just throw it away? Is that wrong?
  4. No keep them... or give them to someone if you can.
  5. Personally I just couldn't through out a bible. I would give it away to someone I met who needed one, maybe a homeless person who would be grateful for God's word and comfort. There is someone out there who needs it. Pray and God will lead you to them.
  6. Ok. Sorry.. let me clarify my question. A bible that was torn and ruined/ripped already, water damaged.. I would NEVER just throw away a Bible.
  7. Well my doberman ate my bible when he was a puppy. I threw away the non-salvageable parts. It's just paper with words; Gods word lives inside of me and is Jesus! The Bible is just a way of reading/seeing/hearing it.

    Don't get me wrong I love my Bible! But Gods word stands regardless of the state of the book. that wrong of me?
  8. They tried to give me a hard time about bringing my bible to work and having it open while I worked. So I just took one of the cheaper ones I had and took out the pages I wanted to study while I worked...I love Isa..:) Some seen this and said "I would not tear the bible up like that" I said God had rather us know it and live it than to try to keep it in a book for show. He said I think your right.. I keep my old bibles as reminders and if I need to take a page and put it in my pocket... I think all who love the truth in our bible know how to honor it as they should. I even hug mine sometimes:love:
  9. About the Shirts.. before I got sick, I was a very crafty Mom. Now that I cant drive anymore and 90% Im stuck at home. Most of you know about my problem. Yesterday, I decided to design my own Christian shirts with my fave verses. I need advices if I should do it.

    Usually I only do it around the house.. like vinyls..
  10. I only do something like this.. *for family celebrating new years, I sent a post card picture of my son.

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  11. The proper way to dispose of blessed or holy objects that are worn beyond practical use is by burning.
    Ask any Orthodox priest if you need the details.
    The objects should be burned alone, (e.g. not with garbage or trash) with wood or blank paper to support the fire and you can use brandy as an accelerant if needed.
    The resultant ash should be spread to the four winds, (again not in the garbage).
  12. Thanks for the advice. I really didnt want to burn anything but I have a bible from my dad and it got wet. I kept it in a plastic bag and now all the pages are sticked together.
  13. The wet paper can be dried if you place that under huge weight

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