Iraq restored to peace?

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  1. Iraq restored to peace?

    I got a question to ask here..Below I posted a link to a video on youtube called "End Time Interview". Theres alot of things it talks about like the Book Of Psalms that was found but the main question I wanted to ask, at the end of the video the guy says something like "The Bible says Iraq will be restored to peace". Where does it say that and does it at all? Just wanted to know
  2. 'Charting The End Times', written by Tim Lahaye (a co-writter of the video's speaker) reads on pages 105-106:

    "Now, there are some people who say that Babylon in REVelation 17-18 is a different city, such as Rome or New York. Yet those of us who believe we should take Scripture literally, whenever possible are inclined that the city of Babylon will be rebuilt. ............... the weight of Bible prophecy convincingly requires the literal rebuilding of Babylon" (underline mine)

    The book points out all the classic Scripture, such as ISaiah 13&14, JERemiah 50&51, describing the final destruction of Babylon, but then goes on to say:

    "The fact is, Babylon has grown over the past 100 years and now houses over 250,000 people. Obviously Isaiah 13:20 awaits a future fulfillment. According to REVelation 17&18, that powerful city will be destroyed 'in a single day', just before Christ comes to set up His Millennial kingdom on this Earth. At that time, it will remain desolate." (underline mine)

    Personally, I think they've got things a little mixed up :)"
  3. I think you are right. The book of 1 Peter was written around the same time as the book of revelation, according to the early daters; or within 30 years of us late daters. Peter stated...

    1 Peter 5:13 (KJV)
    The church that is at Babylon, elected together with you, saluteth you; and so doth Marcus my son.

    I guess if you are a literalist - Peter must have been in Babylon and not Rome when he wrote 1 Peter. I'm not aware that there was a Church in Babylon. So far as I know the city of Babylon was deserted in that time frame.

    "By 130 BC, when the Parthian Empire took over Most of the Near East, Babylon was only a faded shadow of all it had once been. After succumbing to yet one more invader, Babylonia faded into obscurity, and Babylon, to dust."

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