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  1. Alright, so I would like to be a missionary when I am older! But I also do not want to waste the years I have right now, so I would like to tell others the good news but not just through person, but online as well! I mean if you think of it millions of people around the world have a computer, so why not use it to tell others about Jesus! But what are some ways to bring Christ up in public chats where most people are non-believers. Also websites I could talk to others about Christ too would greatly be appreciated! Thanks! :)
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  2. You could go to community forums online that aren't Christian.
    I don't know if the many atheist sites would allow you to proselytize there. If they did it would be so they could flame you in return.
    Other religion websites are an option as well, their community forums. But the same rule against proselytizing may apply.

    There are websites that allow you to start a community, in your case it would be a Christian community forum if you were of a mind, and for free.
    YUKU is one such site. They use to be known as EZBoard. But they're not very busy as far as net traffic.
    There's vBulletin. I think they still have free options as well.

    These search links may help you.

    God Bless. :)
  3. Internet evangelism=waste of time. What will happen is you will be teamed up on and insulted with nothing to show for it. Real life evangelism is way better :)
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  4. It's true that if you go to forums the lost and speak up for God, you'll be mobbed and your message lost is a cloud of noise. But, if you're a strong Christian who has strong forum skills, it's still a good thing to do.
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  5. Don't say you weren't warned.
  6. True. Forewarned is forearmed.

    There are some atheist forums that publish threads that give members directions on how to Troll Christian forums. No kidding.
    If you happen upon one of those type forums, and it's best to do a search on Google or Yahoo, etc... to find such a thread and avoid that particular forum where it is posted, you'll hear that cloud of noise at new levels.

    Keywords to find such threads include: how to troll christian forums and troll christians,

    Help me troll a Christian forum

    If ever there were people demonstrating a need for prayer it is those who would seek such advice. [​IMG]
  7. I firmly believe internet evangelism works best when the person on the receiving end knows your personally at some level. In that way they are actually going to take the time to listen or read. Think of how much web content you view in a single day. What do you really focus? Only things you want to. Others are simply ignored.

    Small things like Facebook posts, forward messages, etc is a good way to start. As many say, you don't have to search a lot to find a person to tell gospel. He or she is right next door to you!
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  8. The Holy spirit is not bound by time and space. Neither do we need to be in close proximity for the anointing of God to flow from one person to another. God sent His Word and it has never returned void. The Apostle Paul told the Church, "I am not with you in flesh, yet I am with you in Spirit watching and beholding your steadfast order and faith" Col 2:5
    We also are not confined to the flesh either.
    Romans 8:9
    But you are not in the flesh, but in the Spirit......
  9. In my experience @Ravindran is right on. The internet is made up of real people. The best way to respect them as fellow humans is to engage them personally. Open threads tend to get out of control with collective affirmation/criticism and soon you have a free-for-all fight between immature/angry Christians trying to back you up and offended anti-christians. It's really hard to have any sort of witness in that environment. Connecting publicly and then offering the gospel by pm when you see an opening with a person of peace will have a much better chance of settling on good soil.

    A great place to start would be a website devoted an interest you would have with the other people there. People bond quickly over shared interest. As you get to know people you will see opportunity to start correspondence with them (for example, someone mentions a relative has died or that there is sickness in the family, you could write a personal note of concern and offer to pray for the situation). Just be sure your public discourse on things other than religion is Christ-like or you will be less likely to be seen as a credible source of information about God's Love.

    I love your initiative! May Christ be glorified in this endeavor and your future ones!
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  10. A good place to defend and share the christian perspective (a lot of hungry people here but also some adversaries) is Yahoo Answers...under Society and Culture/Religion and spirituality...see open questions or unanswered or minimally answered questions
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  11. No offense Steve but unbelievers do not go to these types of sites, therefore one cannot evangelize from them (IMHO)
  12. Says who?
  13. Maybe I missed something Steve, so I could be incorrect, but how can one evangelize on a site that attempts to teach? What I am asking is that you explain to me how one would evangelize on this site? Thanks. The Lord bless....

    Pretend I want to evangelize do I proceed?

  14. What I heard is that people join these web sites with the intention to understand Christianity and offcourse Christ....We have to believe that the Holy Spirit is moving people towards Him and uses the web...wich is just one more tool! Imagine this scenario and tell me if is impossible....A guy or a girl in the midle of a 99% Islamic stated have curiosity for Christ....but can not find support where they live....But they have acess to Internet! The conection that seem impossible is very plausable.....God know brother! I share the message of the Holy Spirit to us...

    But what does it matter? The important thing is that in every way, whether from false motives or true, Christ is preached. And because of this I rejoice.Yes, and I will continue to rejoice,....

    Dont worry brother preach...preach!
  15. Leo is this a striped Bass? Are you a member of Bass Masters? My brother James (also a fisher of men) is an Admin on their website...

    Sorry folks I know it was off topic....

    brother Paul
  16. What?????????? My brother I am brazilian and most of the time I dont understand the you like to explain to me?...[emoji23]
  17. Sorry! Bass Masters is an organization, a club of people who fish (like your avatar implies that you do)...I was not making a joke but was asking if you were aware of them or possibly a member
  18. lol......Oh...I love fishing! But no....unfurtunatly I am not a member! bless!
  19. I came across this website which is quite easily post able on non Christian chats that has quite an interesting cHalle new
    I still think there's no substitute for direct face to face evangelism but in this new Internet generation this one appeals to people who relish using Mobile devices.

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