Indie bands are better.

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  1. Indie bands are better.

    Hey guys,

    Not sure if you know of any indie bands out there, but the way the music industry is headed, it's starting to look like indie bands are the future.

    I just ran across this one band called Cloudchase. They were on Total Axxess, if you guys know what that is. But I love their music.

    You should look them up on myspace. They just put out a new album!

    Also, there is a band called One Foot Forward, who I'm also a big fan of.

    Do you guys know any other indie bands that you like?
  2. How would you describe the music, my friend?

    The other day I went to FYE to get some new music and I sampled a lot. They all sounded like Creed. I mean, exactly. Grungy with throaty-dusty vocals. I didn't buy anything. I was thinking...if I wanted Creed, I'd buy Creed.

    If Indie is on the way...I welcome it! Whoo-hoo! Bring me something original and fresh.

  3. Coldplay, right?;)
  4. I'm with you Viva! Unless you're into hearing the same old type of music that fits into the top 40 genre, indie is the way to go!

    A band I recently discovered, thanks to my neices is Flyleaf. Not for everyone, but a powerful message in their lyrics, and once you get past the style, and you look into their lyrics, they are obviously born again Christians.

  5. Can you guys describe Indie? I'm not familiar with it, but you certainly have my interest and attention now.:) Sounds great!
  6. indie is simply independent bands...not major label.

    The problem with many major labels, is that they control too much of what the band puts out. So the creativity is hindered, and the style is muted.

    some of my favorite bands are independent...

    One Bad Pig
    Lust Control

    They also happen to be hard rock, metal, or grunge. I like all genres, but these guys tell it how it is, and use very creative styles of music to get their message to people who wouldn't normally listen.
  7. Oh yeah! I love flyleaf. Like you said, a lot of people are turned off by their sound, but their music is amazing!

    They are actually being played on my local Christian station now!

    And I think that these "indie" bands really are where the record labels are heading. I have some friends who are in the management/booking of some artists and they're actually beginning to pick up some indie artists, because they can see where the industry is headed.

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