India Evangelist Killed And "Sacrificed" For Hindu 'goddess' - Worthy News

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  1. India Evangelist Killed And "Sacrificed" For Hindu 'goddess' - Worthy News

    A young Indian evangelist and shepherd has been killed by Hindu priests seeking human sacrifices for a Hindu 'goddess', the latest in a series of violent attacks against Christians in India, BosNewsLife learned Wednesday, November 7.

  2. We MUST pray for this country!!!
  3. The "goddess" Kali is not usually worshiped in such a manner and it appears that these particular priests had reverted back to an old fringe group of Kali worship that use to practice human sacrifice. This is not typical of modern Kali worship at all.

    Just for the record, human sacrifice is illegal in India.
  4. Satan's time is short and he is growing desperate. This young man now wears a martyr's crown and is truly blessed in God's eyes. He was redeemed from the depths of dispair and given one of the highest honors in the kingdom of God, to lay down his life for his Lord.
    I will pray for those lost souls.

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