In the beginning

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  1. I also heard that everything that happened after nothing exploded is an accident.

    It’s kind of funny when you think about it.
    There was an explosion, because nothing exploded.:confused:
  2. I guess I am just not smart enough to figure out what those geniuses are saying.:p
  3. Even watching Stephen Hawkign speak aboutt he beginning He doesn't prove anything, and can only work within our understanding. Science. A-B. It's foolish to believe A-B is all there is. Science keeps gettign more answers, why do they keep thinking they have it figured out...?
  4. Ask an 'athiest' or 'evolutionary scientist' what was present before the 'big bang' and they will nearly always say "nothing".

    OK - sending their science and physics right back in their face - ASK THEM: where did the carbon, hydrogen, oxygen, nitrogen, argonne, helium, and nuclear and non nuclear elements come from that were needed TO explode and what was the detonation source if NOTHING existed before their so called 'event' ?

    Yeah - I thought so... no answers...

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