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i'm rylee

Discussion in 'New Members Welcome' started by rylee, Aug 12, 2008.

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  1. i'm rylee

    hi, my real name is claudia but i go by rylee on the internet. i have lived in massachusetts all my life except for a year in kansas city for work. i have a small home i share with my 4 american eskimo's, katy, max, baylee and rylee. i have 3 children my son jesse is married and has 2 boys, little jesse who's 7 and hunter who just turned 2 last thursday. my daughter jamy has a little girl mya who is going to be 3 in october and my daughter jenny who went to live with the Lord some time ago. i am disabled with neck and spine problems. i've been divorced for so long i never know whether to say divorced or single. i can't do much because of my disability but i try. i listen to the radio station wvne it's christian and has really great programs especially on saturday they have "down gilead lane" and "adventures in odyssey". i like to read and use the computer and have a million plants. i love animals. i just lost my dad in march. my mom is still here but i don't see her much though. she has a lot of health problems and is blind due to diabetes (diabetic retinopathy). i have 2 brothers and a sister. i know the lord is working in my life i just don't know what his plan for me is yet. everything changed when i became disabled so i'm sure he's working on a new plan i'm just struggling trying to get thru each day so i have to keep reminding myself that God knows my strengths and weakness and just try to do what he asks of me whether i think i can or not. i'm looking forward to getting to know you all and learning more about the lord.
    peace to all of you!:jesus-cross:
  2. It is a pleasure to meet you Claudia, welcome to CFS!:)
  3. Welcome to the Site, Claudia.
  4. Welcome rylee. Have fun!
  5. Welcome to the word of God

    God bless
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