I'm in a sticky situation

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  1. I'm in a sticky situation

    Ack.....this is a very sticky situation. Ok I have this friend of mine that I am worried about. I know he's a very nice person because he treats me with respect. But what I am worried about is his soul. He says he hates love and I believe that God is love. I haven't told him that I am Christian but I want to but I am afraid to lose him, because I want to show him what love is by being nice to him everyday. But I also want to direct him to God. I know you're not suppose to force a person to become a Christian. I'm just not sure what to do. I don't want hi soul to go to hell and have pain for eternity. >.<; What should I do??
  2. The best thing you can do is pray for him and witness to him by how you live.
    In matthew jesus says "whatever you ask in my name I will do."
    also he says when 2 or more agree and pray for something he is in the midst.
    I beleive your friend will find Christ soon.
  3. It sounds to me as though he has been very hurt by "love" (as in romance). Take time to talk to him and listen to his story. Help him to see that true love isn't hurtful, and that what sometimes masquerades as love is just selfishness in fancy dress. Don't push the Christian side of things till you have given him a good opportunity to see God's love in you.


  4. Is your friend an Emo type? No one really hates to be loved.
    Pray and ask the Father to help you see your friend through His eyes- you will begin to see through his "mask" and see what the real problem is. This will be a call to prayer. Do not worry but approach God in faith and your prayer will move mountains.
  5. its best not to push him to christ and act uptight,teach him by example not words,show him how you live and how you and your family treat each other through jesus,words can be empty to people but actions will speak better to him.

    oh and he won't find jesus,jesus will find him :)

  6. Ya it does sound like a painful past. He might know the real meaning of True Love from God. It is alot better than romance love. I agree with Revlynn. Show him what True love "Agape" love without conditions really is. He will start to get curious thinking to himself (what is it she has) then gently introduce God, then Jesus, then the Holy spirit. It will sink in. it deep in his heart he just dont know it yet. love will overcome his hardness in due time. Hope this helps my friend.:cool::groupray:

    Chili out.
    Have a beautiful day sis.:D

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