I'm here too.

Discussion in 'New Members Welcome' started by Denadii Cho, Sep 22, 2008.

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  1. I'm here too.

    I just kind of popped into the group and started yapping and Dusty said I should come into this area and say Hi. HI everybody.

    She said I should say something about myself so here goes.

    I'm as old as the hills and as young as the morning. I'm as wise as the Word I soak into myself and as foolish as a man who knows nothing of the Word.

    I walk in darkness and fall on my face I walk in Light and I live in total victory over all sin.
    My backside got sore from riding the fence so I'm learning to walk in the Light all the time.

    Grin How's that?
  2. Where did you get your interesting name? You sound so fulfilled and full of life!
  3. I lived on a reservation many years ago, in northern Alberta in Canada. Just south of the Arctic circle. They called me Denadii Cho then. It means Great Man. Great as in large. I was a bit larger than they were. Probably why they named me that.
  4. Welcome Denadii Cho!

    You seem very interesting indeed, with a sense of humor I might add. :)

  5. Interesting!

    Welcome, Denadii Cho by the way. :D
  6. We have a picture thread - if you would like to eloborate...:D

    Be welcome!!:)


  7. Hey Deni ....:blush::blush::blush:Now it's my turn .... Ha ha .... Welcome my brother. It is good to have you here. See It's not so bad . That was a great introduction . I love it . Good to see a man of God here and I am ure there will be a lot of great discussion.

    It's great to have you here.:smile_anim::smile_anim:

  8. I tried to put up a pic last night and it got lost in the ether. I'll try again soon. You don't really need the fright anyway. grin

    I don't go by Denadii at home. My wife calls me by the same name as the dog. LOL

    Dogs name is Honi. LOL
  9. Welcome to the Site, Denadii Cho.
  10. Thank you Jon-Marc. I am meeting a bunch of really nice folks here.
  11. LOOL ! :D grin grin
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