I'm... Back

Discussion in 'New Members Welcome' started by Padelford, Aug 3, 2008.

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  1. I'm... Back

    Hi. It's Padel, again. I left a while ago... I guess around 2/4/08 judging from my PMs (that short of a time? Seems like longer. Only a couple months?)

    Well I don't know how much I've changed. I still love to read but now I have an obsession with Gunam Models.
    Theres some of them in my avatar.
    I don't know how much I'll post, I don't contribute much to discutions... Hmm... Well... It's 1:39 in the morning... Great....

    Edit: I'm still completely unstable! CRAZY AS A COCONUT! ;)

    Edit2: I forgot to metion that I don't know if anyone will remember me.
    Is it 2009?
    I'm really lost 'cause I thought I was gone for longer than 5 months. Time warp!

    Edit3: I think the title Senior Member should only be given to people who actually wrote inteligent thing.
  2. I remember you. Of course, I have a quirky memory and your username and previous avatar are burned into my mental hard drive. Welcome back. Even though you feel that perhaps you don't contribute a lot to the discussions, I encourage you to continue to hang out with us and feel free to enter into the conversation when so inclined. Also, don't feel like you have to present yourself as anyone but yourself.

    My daughter was into a lot of anime and such, very interested in Japanese culture to the point of taking 4 years of Japanese language classes. Being a girl, though, she wasn't into gundams. All I can say is, Japanese animation reminds me a lot of the animation of the old Hanna Barberra cartoons, the stuff like Scooby Doo, The Herculoids, and Johnny Quest. As compared to, say, Loony Toons, which I considered to be the gold standard of animation of the day.

    Some of us are "senior members" because we really are seniors. I'm not AARP age yet, but headin' that way fast. :D
  3. I'm remembered!
    -Feels happy inside-

    I'll try to post as much as I can. I hope I don't go and leave again. :rolleyes:

  4. Hey Paddy :D

    How's U?

    Nice to hear from you :israel:
  5. Violet says "HI" too.......
    And sends her love :D
  6. Hi Paddy- it is good to see ya!:D
  7. Hey Paddy. Good to see ya!!!
    How you been??
  8. :D

    I'm great.
    Alot of weird things have happened since I left.

  9. Welcome back. :) ( I remember you. )
  10. I remeber you too!


  11. Hey Paddy.... I remember you.

    Please if you could make your post a little larger for me as I am having a hard time reading it .... Thanks...

    Nice to see you.

    Welcome Back , friend.
  12. Hey Padelford!
  13. Welcome back. That date you mentioned was like 6 months ago, so you're right, it was more than 5 months. :)
  14. Welcome back, Padelford! Heh, I have trouble keeping up with time, too. Is this Wednesday or is it Friday, yet????:confused:
  15. it better be fryday or i am still bronke, have to go to work and will have to go to the dr tomorrow instead of today lol
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