Illuminati at University?

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  1. Hey guys! :] So I found this University of Art here in Budapest, and by the introduction on their website I fell in love with it and I thought this is where I was meant to study. It is said to be one of the best in europe and that it's extremely hard to get accepted there. It was also said that it is quite recommended to go to their pre-courses which prepare you for the application exam.

    So I signed for the pre courses and headed for the first one this Saturday. I was very excited. But once I entered the building I felt sone weird unexplainable pressure. Me and my mom are both newborn christians. After about 5 minutes she said she couldn't stay longer and has to leave.
    It was like a thick evil atmosphere. Everything looked normal, everyone was nice and kind, but deep inside I felt this anxiety.

    As we were walking around to find a room with good lighting to draw I started to notice the eye-in-a-triangle sign here and there. It might be just the rebellious nature of young artists, trying to be outrageous and trendy but I started to feel even more weird..

    When I got home I tried to search for some reviews about this university, but I found absolutely none. All I could find was articles about the achivements, events, alumni. As if all subjective and objective reviews have been erased or have never existed. !!

    >I'm asking: could it be that an entire university is run by illuminati or such under-the-surface organisations? Because I could clearly feel thick presence of evil. The school is very modern and good looking without any government support, the teachers are very young and own luxury vehicles. Their students are notorious for weirdness and a huge ego.
    Also, their works ( mostly animations and design) often contain hints of satanism, new world order or murder portrayed as a natural and acceptable phenomenon.

    [Side note: the university has been existing for less than ten years and already have enormous achievements and support. ]
  2. Whatever you want to designate it, evil florishes in the world. For this you should put on your spiritual armor daily for He who you have accepted in your heart is greater. Pray about it. Maybe you are meant to attend and turn the tide to good. Or maybe the Holy Spirit is telling you to go somewhere else. God Bless.
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  3. I like Silks' post ^^^

    I also would be curious if this school in question has any Christian groups/clubs, or the like?
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  4. What Dumpster is alluding to is very important, IMO. Support from those who also follow Christ help to keep you wandering off your path and encourage your growth.
  5. IMO, illuminati is rather nice conspiracy theory (as well as freemasons) than truth. I don’t think that your school is run by any secret organization but it can be run by people who serve to devil and demons.
    It is important to pray to God about this matter and speak with other Christians around you. If I were you, I would probably wait few weeks and see if my feelings don’t change. If it would be the same, I would leave this school.
  6. No, none of the above. :/
  7. Less than 10 years and one of the best in Europe? Does that sound right? I think you need to know more about the university. Have you talked with students or professors there? Like others said, try to find if there are any Christian groups. That would give an idea.. Remember, we are part of the world.. but not of the world!
  8. Uh, ok?
  9. Yea exactly. I agree with you. But as I've mentioned there's no available information about it other than location and facilities on the internet. And I'm afraid I wouldn't get any valuable information if I ask students or professors. I wouldn't even have the chance.
  10. Dunno how helpful this will be for you but here goes: Out of high school I was accepted at a very prestigious school in NYC. My motives, at the time was to apply to a lot of colleges, late, because I wanted to delay college, altogether for maybe a year, and against my parent's express wishes. To everyone's surprise, I was accepted at all that I applied to. I chose the one that needed a personal interview and was in NYC and the one my parents least liked. I went to the interview and handed over my sketchbooks and was one of 80 accepted out of thousands of applicants. Long story short - I was very unhappy at this aggressive, competitive school and the people were strange and surprisingly (for me) I made no friends. I tried to drop out about a week before the semester ended because I had learned that while I would always dabble and draw, art was not going to be my livlihood. They paid to have my mother come to NYC to harangue and stop me. I finished out the week and left despite their offering me full (living/supplies/tuition) scholarship. They refused to return my sketchbooks and changed my grades promising to restore them if I returned. The people left me cold and feeling like a cipher. I chose a career trying to help folks and to me ended up more rewarding. You can learn the "tricks" of art anywhere, if that is your passion. It is all about who you learn from and with.
  11. Presumably not this one then, apparently renamed in 2001 (so a bit over 10 years) but existing from 1871?
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    No, it's not this one:)
    I just realised that if you type 'hungarian art universities' you don't even get this school as search result altho it's quite known and has Erasmum partnerschools all around the world. So strange:/
  13. Exactly my feelings. Thank you so much! God bless.
  14. An evil cloud would be proof for me that I have arrived at the place God wants me.

    But for you, as a new Christian, I highly doubt it.
  15. I am not a new Christian:)
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    Lol, ok. I think you meant 're-born' and not 'new born' in your OP.

    Then I would say that that is EXACTLY where God needs you. Imagine a painting of Jesus next to the eye of horus :sneaky:.

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