if you arent healed does that mean youre not a believer?

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  1. As some of you may know..i have anxiety..and I've had it for some time and it makes me wonder...

    If you have faith you'd be healed right? I just feel like I have zero faith right norlw I have a hard hard hard time trusting god.

    I really don't know were I'm at faith wise..i feel like I have to start all over again...but I have so much knowledge...
  2. Regarding not being healed as meaning not saved, several things come to mind.

    1Cor 12:7

    Because of the surpassing greatness of the revelations, for this reason, to keep me from exalting myself, there was given me a thorn in the flesh, a messenger of Satan to torment me—to keep me from exalting myself!

    Paul was afflicted with some malady. I have heard several interesting (and sometimes contradictory) discussions of its nature, and whether it continued until his death, but the point here is that the will of God was that he(Paul) bear it for Paul’s own sake, and the sake of those that take Paul as an example.

    Secondly, although healings certainly did occur in the early church, and there was enough sickness and misery to keep a healer busy for many lifetimes, healing was a sign, not the primary purpose. Many believers must have continued in their afflictions. It is the same now.

    Thirdly, we must understand that it is not that God has a duty to us, rather that we have duty to Him. We are to be in this world, with all of its trials, and remain His.

    I personally suffered from cancer, and was healed by my Lord, the ministering of my wife, as well as a team of medical doctors, including an oncologist and a surgeon. The fact that I had the malady physically cut out of my body in no way lessens the truth that it was by the Will of my Lord that it was successful. If it returns, and it may, I will neither ‘blame’ the Lord nor assume that it is because of a spiritual failing of mine. Praise God in all things.

    Finally, there is, and can be, no test of Christianity on the basis of ‘if one is truly a Christian God will not let them suffer’. This would lead to condemning everyone around us that is sick as lacking in faith, or otherwise ‘deserving’ of special punishment.
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  3. (((point here is that the will of God was that he(Paul) bear it for Paul’s own sake, and the sake of those that take Paul as an example.))))

    The written word of God does not back this statement at all.

    God said my Grace is sufficient for thee.

    Grace here is not mercy but power or authority or anointing . Don't have my translations here at the moment but when one digs into the early writings one will find many meanings or uses of the word Grace.

    God was saying you Paul deal with it or take care of it. God reminded Paul he had the authority and power to do so and so do we all who learn to walk in His ways.

    Now then @pan
  4. @pancakes my reply got cut off and will rewrite it now.
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  5. What do you feel anxious about?
  6. Hi Pancakes,
    I apologize for the mishap here with this reply. I went to touch the screen to add a word and I hit send I guess so of course I hit the edit button and wrote your reply to only get a error code saying my 25 seconds to edit had expired and lost it all. Sure miss my tablet. Hey pray for me using a phone doing this. Lol

    So Pancakes I want to start by making this point......one can have faith and doubt at the same time. Sounds wrong I know and I used to argue that is not true But God has since shown me it is very possible and many fall into this.

    Example.....let's use anxiety in this. You can believe God can and does heal folks of anxiety and yet wonder or question if God will heal you of it. Then people add if it be your will to it as if they are being humble or something. There is no mountain moving bible believing Faith in there.

    No!! We already know it Is God's will to heal. His word tells us this. So to say if it be your will to heal is not faith but uncertainty that He will heal you. See Faith always Stops at the question mark.

    I know God heals but I don't know if He will heal me. That's doubt and not mountain moving bible faith.

    Scripture tells us If we Believe in our Hearts AND do not doubt ....Now sis it does not stop there.....see scripture also tells us we must Believe We have received what we pray and ask for Then we will have it.

    If you question if it is His will then you have not believed you already received the healing. Now then if you truly believe His word and we know His word is backed by all the honor of His name, well then we do Not keep asking as if we did not get our healing. No! We move over to praise and thanksgiving prayers.

    Example........I had a severe back issues and I took God's word about healing until faith was built up or I had the faith to know God's healing was for me. Take His word on healing and meditate on it day and night which also means speak His word out loud so You can hear your own words. It won't take long for your faith to rise up. Then take His word to prayer and believe you got your healing.

    Now then after I did just that I felt worse and here come the thoughts. You did not get healed. Healing does not work and I doubt I will ever be better. Do NOT take those thoughts. Another words don't give voice to them by speaking them.

    Devil you are a liar.....it is written and speak your scriptures (God's word) and I am healed for I received my healing. I went through this for some time as it would flare up again after I thought it was done. It is like you have to out last the devil some times.

    Now then scripture tells us if we faint not. Faint not? Yes we must only speak Faith ... Received and no doubt. Out last the Devils attempts to steal your healing. This is fighting the good fight of faith that we win IF we do not grow weary and faint.

    OK like I said this went on and at times I wanted to beat something and I did. I beat the back issues and got my total healing. Praise God.

    Now I am going through the same thing with my knees. The devil is trying to steal my healing but he Won't for I am healed. Hey sis at this rate I may end up with a complete body rebuild. Lol but hey why not.

    See to keep going and asking and begging is not faith you received what you prayed for. Let faith ask and receive and don't give into second thoughts but speak nothing but you got the healing.

    We are Not moved by what it feels like or seems like or looks like but by the every word of God's most Holy and Living word.

    One last thing......if I got a dollar for every time I reacted to the flare up of pain saying.......I am not moved by what it feels like or seems like but by the every word of God and I received my healing......well I pancakes let's just say I would be on a computer and not a little phone.

    You can do this.......Yes especially you pancakes which are Blessed and Highly Favored of thee Lord.

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  7. Sister, Anxiety is not good for the human body, which could lead to sickness as the the Lord has already carried for you in his body on the cross. It is not something that Christians don't experience in their life. It is a very common thing among the body of Christ, but it can be over come by the Word of God, and renewing the human mind with that Word.
    This is where problem lies in the unrenewed human mind.

    I am so thankful that God "inspired" the Apostle Paul to write not only about what he learned as a growing Christian, but also how he himself struggled with "anxiety" too. Paul talks about his problems he faced in his life here......

    2 Cor 11:27.. in toil and hardship, through many a sleepless night, in hunger and thirst, often without food, in cold and exposure.
    2 Cor 11:28.. And, apart from other things, there is the daily pressure on me of my anxiety for all the churches.

    Paul was a major "worry wart" in that he was constantly worrying about all the Church's, because he knew that most of them were a combination of Jew, and gentiles mixed together. He knew that the Jews would be telling the gentiles that if they wanted to be saved, they needed to be circumcised, and to keep the law. Paul had to deal with all his life in his writings to the Church's.

    The cool thing is in the book of Philippians, which was written by Paul five years after 2 Corinthians, Paul learned and grew spiritually. He said this in Philippians,...

    Php 4:6.. do not be anxious about anything, but in everything by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be made known to God.
    Php 4:7.. And the peace of God, which surpasses all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus.

    Paul's worrying over the Church came to an end as he learned how to hand over all his problems over to the Lord!!!

    1Pe 5:6.. Humble yourselves, therefore, under the mighty hand of God so that at the proper time he may exalt you,
    1Pe 5:7.. casting all your anxieties on him, because he cares for you.
    1Pe 5:8.. Be sober-minded; be watchful. Your adversary the devil prowls around like a roaring lion, seeking someone to devour.

    If we are worrying over certain things that gives the Devil the opportunity to seek whom he could devour, as their mind is not set on the Lord above!!! :)
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  8. I once had a terrible toothache and prayed for days for it to be healed. Days turned to weeks and my tooth still ached. I could not take it any longer and when to the dentist and they pulled it.

    I also suffered from terrible anxiety and did not go to the doctors until I collapsed because of an anxiety attack. The doctor prescribed me antidepressants that fixed the anxiety and turned my life around.

    God prefers to use natural means when they are available to us. If you suffer anxiety you need to see a doctor and pray to God that they can help you.
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  9. I have generalized anxiety... I have good days...then bad days.
  10. I agree.. With you..but wow i cant believed you collapsed ...i didnt know anxiety could do all that... My body I feeling pretty funny and I'm waiting to see if it'll go away m..i dont want to make a needless trip to the hospital..ive done enough of that in the past.
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  11. Thanks for taking the time to rewrite it. :)
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  12. No problem. It was a long hard road before I understood this and the selling point for me was simple....it works.

    Just wanted to share what I have learned to be true.
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  13. I've tried... I did "deliverance" and...(i dont want to say it didnt work..bc god is almighty) but my anxiety didnt go away...

    I'll try and meditate on His word.
  14. The key is to not give in or give up. If you do simply repent and get back to standing on His word. Remember this. The devil our enemy is fighting against you trying to kill steel and destroy your healing.

    It may take some time but it is worth it all. Really
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  15. This is a very encouraging message...

    But it lets me know straight away I have very little faith... I believe God is ...

    I have trouble believing because of a bad church experience.... It really messed up my faith..

    But I appreciate the Tim you took to write this...ill reread it again..thankyou. :)
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  16. Yeah, you are truly right about that... I think I'm gonna meditate / read some scripture.
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  17. There is nothing wrong with seeing a doctor or taking medication but do it in faith.

    Example......cold medicine won't heal you of a cold but it can subdue the symptoms while you get your healing.
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  18. Been there done that one a few times. In fact I lived a messed up life for about 20 years blaming God for everything and it was not God at all.

    Talk about being suckered into lies.
    Once I got this truth I was directed to forgiving and loving and this opened the door for me to finally see God loves me dearly and wants to do things in my life but I was limiting what He could do.

    My prayers for you will be that you begin to learn how much God really loves and values you and your love. It will begin to set you free and take you to the place where you know nothing is impossible with God on your side and nothing can hold you down.
    Blessing my friend
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  19. Yeah I agree...i love what you said about meditating on the word of god till you built up faith to believe
    ...thats what I'm gonna have to do..and will do :)..

    Trust me, medication is my very last resort... As I've had 2 friends on medication who had bad side effects and I dont want to go through that or feel like a labrat
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  20. Now understand this......there will be pressure to quit for the enemy comes immediately to steel the word from you. Trying to kill your faith and destroy your hope and trust.

    This where the rubber meets the road. It all comes down to how we react when he (the enemy) comes with this pressure which is also persecution.

    God just really got this into me thinking....when He shows me something in His word or I take scripture that covers a need such as healing. Keep it before my eyes,ears and mouth.


    Ears hearing but not just some one teaching but your own voice. See we have an outer and inner ear.
    Outer hears others and sounds around us But our Inner ear pays close attention to what we say.

    This highly dictates how we think and believe.

    Of course mouth speaking God's word
    Builds us.....defense against the enemy and God's word brings results.

    Again pancakes.......I tell you this because it works and brings results.

    Faith comes by hearing and hearing and hearing and hearing and hearing the word of God.
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