I Was Tempted To Call This "soul Food," But Let's Just Call It "corn Bread."

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  1. Onion gravy doesn't sound good to me. But then I've never had good onion soup.
  2. Interesting!
  3. I bought a cast iron not too long ago. I seasoned it a few times before I started using it. Now I can scramble eggs on that thing without even using oil. Awesome! I'm going to season mine again using avocado oil. It's my new favorite oil.

    Also, never ever put soap on it.
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  4. This is true. My wife use to hate mexican food. I said what mexican food have you had? She said Taco Bell and Chevy's. Well, that's why you hate mexican food. I started making home made mexican food, and she loves it now.
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  5. rofl:LOL::ROFLMAO:

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