I was shaken.

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  1. Hello, friends,
    I hope this is the right place to anchor my short note.
    I enjoy reading the very different attitudes and thoughts of our brethren here, but in reading down one of them the other day, I suddenly came across
    Copyright © 2017 by Harvest Ministries. All rights reserved.
    and it shook me.
    I don't think I have ever seen anything like that at the end of what was intended to be a helpful piece of teaching and reassurance.
    In the first place, why was the message being limited to a comparatively small part of mankind ? I tried to imagine Paul adding that at the end of any of his letters to the churches over a wide area.
    And then I wondered by what authority had that been added ? Was it just put there to try to make the message seem more valuable ? And to whom ?
    So I would ask you, please, to give your thoughts on this, and try to stop me imagining there is something missing when there is no similar announcement at the end of the Sunday morning sermon.

    Blessings all round. We need them, so they will happen.
  2. It is a legal protection over your material.
    In this day and age people will take other people's material and pass it off as their own.

    With a registered copy right then one can protect themselves and if need be has a legal right to do so.

    Many make money off of other people's stuff and this can harm the original author especially if they don't charge for their material.

    We Require All copyright material to show the copy right . This protects us (cfs and staff) from any legal action .

    It gets much deeper then this but this covers the gist of it.
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  3. Smiler: Aside from the legal considerations, another way to perceive the situation (in a more positive light) is that the material is so valuable that its true source and ownership are being honored by displaying its place of origin and copyright. This can be viewed as a sign of respect for the author. I know that in my mind, this is the way I think of it, and this gives it a positive rather than a negative spin.
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  4. Thank you both, and I do understand the reasons for the use of copyright in industry and literature, etc. I wouldn't complain when it is used to cover a book of scriptural teaching or, yes, a Bible of a different translation.
    But half a page of thoughts ? No.
    To apply restrictions to the use and spread of Truth passed on from the Holy Spirit seems so wrong to me, but now we have discussed it, I shall try not to be judgemental and live with the expectation of seeing it again somewhere.

    Bless you both, and bless Harvest Ministries, too.
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  5. The copy right goes out with everything.
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  6. There is also the issue of ensuring the integrity of the message.

    Adding this kind of notice, and requiring it to accompany the text provides notice that one may not change the content to suit themselves.

    This helps to preventing the spreading of truths from becoming the spreading of half-truths (and half-distortions).
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