I Wanna be that guy

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  1. I Wanna be that guy

    That helps people after they have been saved, to learn how to be led by the Holy Spirit and bible study and so on...
    Thats what I want, now I need to seek conformation to see if God put it on my heart.

    Not saying I would do it tomorrow, still got alot to learn myself, but I "feel" that I would be best suited doing something like this.
  2. That's a good thing to desire, to help others. And I'm glad you want to follow the Spirit. Too many just want to go their own way yet expect the Lord come to their aid when they want Him to
  3. sounds like discipleship . we're all called to make disciples . it's a good desire .
  4. Now is the time. Don't wait. Start here at CFS. When you go to Church, ask the staff there how you can be of help. Do it please, we would love to hear stories like these. :D Once God puts in us a passion, it is up to us to act or let it die.
  5. I am still slightly to "unstable" to do that, dealing with years of mindsets!
    Um, within 12 months I expect God will have it all sorted... I cant be led in the Holy Spirit all the time yet, I need to learn that closeness if I am gonna help others.
  6. God works through weakness . even if you fail . you'll still learn lots . and be even stronger next time .

    God is a God of another chances . it doesn't matter what people say or think . just be willing to make and learn from mistakes .

    sometimes you crash and burn . but God always rises us up again . saving face is overrated anyway .
  7. Gods working though this, I can feel the Holy Spirits convictions on it, I can see it when it happens because Gods showing me..
    It will go away, no doubt about it :), so long as I keep listening.
  8. Like I said , that is a start and I encourage you to seek and you will find . Ask and it will be revealed to you .

    God bless you and I will be praying for you . I get so blessed to see young people wanting more of Jesus and what He has for their life.

  9. The heart of Christianity is to help others, especially the needy. God IS love and love flows from the born again Christian. The fruit, notice it's singular and not plural, of the Holy Spirit is LOVE.

    You are living love and allowing love to flow through you when you desire to help others and actually do it.

    I created a habit in my mind and thoughts of continuously looking around when I walk the streets and see if anyone is in need and needs help. You will be surprised how many people you will notice needing help in some way. Love is a verb, an action word, and when you live it, it is beautiful and people in need are supported as a result.

    God bless your heart for wanting to help others.
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