I think my Prayer was fulfilled?

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  1. I'm not exactly sure but one of the biggest causes of my depression and the reason i'm so miserable is because i'm so *** lonely and i'm always by myself..
    Well the few weeks i've somewhat been praying for friends and companionship and i was losing all faith in the Lord but today i went to meet up with my friend at the mall and i was swarmed by hoards of his peers and i got to meet a dozen of them and was surrounded by myriads of people at all times and it felt great!
    And i only hope that this is just the beginning. I was reading the bible yesterday and there was a line that mentioned.. If you give something to a homeless person or one that is in need, you are basically showing your love to the lord i believe. it said something like that. If you ignore and neglect those in need, the people that are hungry and live on the streets, you don't love the Lord.
    Well today i blew all my money at the mall and had a nickel or so left, and for some reason my friends kept giving me change. I don't know why and i figured i would get rid of it but on my way home there was a man that was homeless and he was asking for spare change and i gave him every penny i had that my friends gave me earlier. About maybe 1$+ in change.
    And i'm glad i did because i do in fact love the Lord and i wanted to give back and i hope that today was a blessing from him and that infact he did hear me crying out to him and in fact he is the reason i met all those people today. I hope thats the case.
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  3. Sounds like you're on the right track. Real fulfillment in life comes when you start looking at the needs of others around you. God has been dealing with me in the same way, to start ministering to the needs of others around me, to be a blessing. There's a place here that takes in battered women with small children, and often they leave their homes with nothing more than what they have on. I was told I'd be surprised at the number of young women that go through these homes, mothers and babies with little or nothing. That's where I want to donate. It will be whatever the Lord brings to your attention, but as you begin to pour out to others, that allows God to begin to give to you, and you become a channel for His blessings. That's the love of God in action.
  4. I started a new college on January 9th. God really put me through a test - to see how much I would step out of my comfort zone. I knew a few people here, but not to a point where I would consider them my friends.

    And I have a single room - great.
    So God was really trying to push me to step out of my comfort zone to meet people.
    After two weeks of doing that - I find myself having friends. I pretty much talk to everyone, even though it's pretty hard.
    But I have some friendships that look like they're developing into deeper friendships :)

    It's normal to have a desire of friends. God wants you to have friends, godly friends :)

    Step out of your comfort zone. It would honestly be worth it in the end!
    "For I can do ALL things through Christ who strengthens me!" Philippians 4:13 - God will give ya that strength :)

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