I stand here confused

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  1. I stand here confused

    I tried to find a poetry forum or something, but I guess general discussion works

    This is a poem my wife wrote years back about one pretribber reaction to finding themselves in the Trib

    (I just came across it and was moved though I share.)

    I stand here confused by the words of men. Bombs land all around me, children crying and men faint from fear.
    I wasn't supposed to be here for this, at least I thought. I was not prepared, nobody warned me.
    Instead I was convinced that we were too good to suffer for Christ. that we'd be taken before the pain.
    Now I see that the "preachin" of the cathching away was just escapeism.
    They were all too afraid to endure this time of trouble. Because of that I must now pay the price.
    I couldn't prepare myself because of their lies. I had thought the Lord delayed his coming, so I took the mark.
    By trying to save my life I lost my soul.
    Now I stand here bombs landing all around me, children crying and men faint from fear.

    Sad thought huh? Come on Church, lets stop pushing this lie on people.
  2. ummm I have to say I don't get it, Christ will come back a second time and then a third I thought Revelations was clear on this....
  3. Are you aking or telling. If Asking I would love to help you understand. If you are telling then I wouuld love for you to show me.

    God Bless, and welcome to the forum.
  4. Thanks Godspeaks and dusty. I will leave it here rather than re-post it. If a mod want to move it that would be great.

    Spiritualteacher. I hope you respond I would love to discuss this with you.
  5. I see this is now in the Poetry section. If there was a discussion it would have to be somewhere else but don't know if it would be open for long, since that type subject gets too heated with all the different beliefs
  6. Well i hope I at least get to show SpiritualTeacher the truth. I saw in one of his or her other post that they are fairly new ion the faith and searching for truth. I would love to help.
  7. Yah but I think Ezek wants to discuss it in a PM and SpiritualLeader has enough posts now that he has an active pm box.
  8. P.M. or open open forum either one. I am sure we can have a civil discuss without anyone getting angry :)

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