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  1. I met Jesus through a summer camp I used to attend. We were making s'mores, and I stared at the fire, and I saw Jesus walking around in it. He came to me and was talking to me for a moment. He asked how I was doing. And I said fine. And He didn't believe it. So, he told me to be happy, and He would take my sins away. And I felt better that night.
  2. Great start...now believe Jesus and abide in His word letting His words abide in you...

    Welcome to the family

    In His love

    Brother Paul
  3. I've been in the family since the day I was born. I got baptized as a child.
  4. Okay! So you are saying you always placed your trust in the finished work of Christ and had the Holy Spirit...I must have misunderstood (however taking a bath does not make one His child)...My apologies Dana
  5. So baptism is pointless ? All I was saying is I met Jesus. That's all.
  6. I did not say Baptism is pointless...if the heart is right the ritual is right and it will have the intent God sovereignly chose it to have when He made it (even in the Torah) to officiate consecrating what He has set apart to be Holy...but remember Simon Magi in Acts 8? It says he believed and was baptized...but he was not saved...he believed for the works sake seeing signs and wonders and wanted to BUY the power (his heart was wrong before God and this form of belief and baptism meant nothing to whether or not he would be saved).

    You met Jesus? Wonderful. If so you have been greatly blessed. So how did you know it was Him? And did He speak to you? What did He say? Please share more...
  7. Basically I met Him in the bonfire that they had and He walked toward me and was wondering how I was doing and I said I was "fine." He really didn't believe me. And he told me to not worry, cause "He would take my sins away." And I was fine after that. How did I know it was Him? I saw that He was wearing His crown of thorns and carrying the cross. And yes He did speak to me.
  8. Yes...believe the word that has been given unto you...

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