i like one of my coworkers

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  1. Ok.. first i want to say

    Its just a little crush... a.d i wouldn't really consider dating anyone a year younger or older than me...

    Im 23, he's a senior lol
    When he said that i was already like...no...

    But he has such a chill personality, is sweet.... and i was able to see his eyes upclose today...they were so brown a beautiful lol x D ..like a light brown...

    Then he spoke spanish...

    I almost lost it x D

    Say a prayer for your girl so i wont rob the cradle x D aha
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  2. Oh my gosh....hahahahahahahaha.

    Oh, young love. 'Tis such a sweet thing. ;)

    Okay, but in all reality.....us girls definitely like to overthink crushes and whatnot. Don't. Enjoy having a crush on a guy, it's not a bad thing, but don't let it overcome you.

    For example:
    ......if you start thinking about your future dates.....Stop right there and start thinking about chocolate or pizza or kittens and butterflies. Live in the moment. Live day by day. Don't think about tomorrow, just think about today.
    .......if you start hearing wedding bells. DON'T.
    ........if you start missing out on your responsibilities because you just want to get a glimpse of him......Oh, dear. *face palm* Do what you need to do. Your shifts, homework, etc. etc.

    Like my spiritual mentor always says, "Why are you afraid of a little crush? Why are you asking for prayer? It's okay to have a crush. It's okay to relish in the moment that you find someone attractive or that you might like someone."

    Enjoy this. My warning is just that you wont' let it overcome you. Because it is easy to get to that point!
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  3. What is the age difference? It doesn't sound like a there's really much of a gap.
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  4. Lol , when i saw his light brown eyes i think heard wedding bells then x D aha jking lol...( but i think we all go there in our mind lolol... i try not to)

    And yah, i know theres nothing wrong with a crush ..i just feel so nervous around him..when walks by I get weak x D.. and im trying to focus on doing a good job...

    Uhgg...hormones, act up at all the wrong times lul
  5. What is the age difference?
  6. Im sure he's 18 and im 23...
    But when were next to each other we're abt the same height ... infact, i think he's a bit taller than me...
    Even my 16 yr old brother is taller than me lol

    So yah... idk i prefer the guy to be my age or a yr older / younger.

    That's just me...but he's making me reconsider x D lololo
  7. The strange thing is the age difference isn't as great as the stage difference if that makes sense. I can think of many, many couples who do quite well together and their age differences are 5-10 years. However, they're each at the same stage of life, which is usually adulthood, ready for marriage and/or children, etc.

    When you said "senior," I was assuming senior in college. I didn't jump the conclusion that you meant senior citizen. If you mean senior in high school, I could be wrong, but I'd be willing to bet he's at a different stage in life than you are.

    But you admitted it yourself -- this is a crush.
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  8. I feel so bad ...he's a senior in HS : /
    But i had a late start in life...so im trying to play catch up...and get myself together...
  9. Lol - you cougar you!!:) Seriously, tho - it's ok to be friends but it is a rare 18 yr. old boy that is ready to settle down or even understand the difference between lust and love. (in my experience) But you never know. Don't let your hormones do the talking for you. God has someone special reserved for you. In the mean time have fun and get some living under your own belt. I speak from experience - find someone who loves God, too.
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  10. lol i didn't know he was 18 until he said it..shoot i thought the people i was working w/ was 15/16 until they told me they were 23/26/28 ..so i just assumed the same w/ him... lol
  11. I was afraid it was wrong too. LOL
    Well now I know I shouldn't feel bad to have a crush.
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  12. Haha, it's not wrong unless the man is married and there's a pursuit of a relationship. But I'm sure that neither of your guys' cases :p :p

    We can all have crushes. It's okay. I promise. It's what you do with that crush that can become dangerous :)
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  13. I found out that he likes me back... im gonna take things nice and slow.. as usher would recommend lul
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  15. Did you just reference 1997?
  16. Haha, awesome. How did you find out? :)
  17. ROFL
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  18. Lolol i did x D
  19. Its too long to type here..I'll shoot u a pm c:
  20. X D

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