I learned a lesson!

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  1. I learned a lesson!

    I have struggled with marriage divorce and remarriage for months; its been a question that kept coming up constantly and I kept trying to answer it myself...
    I think I have been stubborn; I did not ask God on it, I dont know why, I really really dont know why..
    Because last night I did, and today I was driving along in the car, thinking about it and the only way I can describe this is;
    Everything that had been said and done on this subject around me that I had seen, heard and said came rushing to me, only everything relevant and came together like a person putting a puzzle together.
    I then had the urge to check someone else's teaching on it a certain person on this forum, a post that I had skimmed over months ago but never read read...
    and his teaching was exactly the way it came to me.
    I Praise God for his quick answer of my prayer but I am here also to say, I learned a lesson..
    God let me go and "do my own thing" and just waited till I was over it lol, as soon as I asked for help it was done!!!..
    God must have so much patients, I know I would be like "Argh, just ask me already!"
    Praise God!
  2. Isn't it cool when God teaches us something? :)
  3. The coolest thing ever :)
  4. most definitely!
  5. It's funny how you can know something, understand it but still refuse to do it...
    I got the Holy Spirit being the guide, I understood that.. But for some reason I never asked for help on this....

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