I keep meeting fake Christian people

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  1. I don't know if im cursed or something but almost every single "christian" I've met or made friends with lately always ends up being fake. Especially the girls. The guys I meet act like they're into the word and all this but than go out on the weekends and drink which I guess isnt too bad considering how bad the woman are.

    I'll meet a girl who claims to be christian, we end up talking and hanging out getting to know each other, than find out she parties every weekend. Theirs this very devout Christian girl who works at my gym ... We say hi to each other everyday. Sometimes she'll ask me how my day is going or make some kind of small talk. I found her on facebook today due to having so many mutual friends on there, so I sent her a friend request. Find out like an hour ago she blocked me. When she had almost 1000 friends and plenty I know. I can already tell shes either prejudice form all my tattoos or its because im middle eastern ... almost confident its that reason.

    Even the missionary I met who I said blessed me came back and this time was very rude and annoying to my surprise. This time he was asking people more than once for money almost like forcing them and making them feel uncomfortable to donate to the missionary charity. This lady got so angry she came back and told me she wants to speak to the manager because he asked her like 3 times. Than I go withdraw some money from my debit card and give it to him and he pretty much questions me " did you give that from your heart" ... obviously if I Just took the little money I had left to give it to you. He than starts questioning why im wearing a rosary and that its Catholic thing which is true but I like it because it has Jesus and Mary on it. God sees the heart not what we're wearing.

    This kind of thing gets old... it makes me want to go back to my old group of friends. Sure they were living in sin but they were always cool with me and treated me the same. Non judgmental and they were actually always honest unlike these people im meeting. Sorry guys had to vent Im very discouraged lately
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  2. You shall know them by their fruits.

    God shows us our self through others, He shows us Himself through others, now have we responded according to the Word of God?

    Let our conversation become the gospel of Christ. Amen
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  3. To be quite frank, all believers are fakers on occasions. That includes me. I find myself speaking something and doing something. I personally do not know the people you have encountered. May be give benefit of doubt to them? Or may be you were just unlucky in meeting people who are not showing any fruits?
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  4. I am sorry to hear about your experience.

    When I was married, I was a Catholic and her side of the family was comprised of JW, Pentecost, and Methodist. They all decided not to attend our wedding in protest because the wedding was going to be officiated in a Catholic church. I was offended. Her father in law was Seventh Day Adventist (the denomination I am now apart of) . That denomination above all those other denominations I mentioned, is the only one that I know of whose leaders AND laity preach about the corrupt Catholic system of worship. Notwithstanding, I did not know all of that at that time but you would think that they of all the people would be the ones not to show up. But no, they showed there support and stood by us while we said our vows. I always appreciated that.

    I say that to say this, people think their righteous because they profess Christ, but they are white washed sepulchers, clean on the outside but dead bones on the inside. I post a lot of things about the Catholic church, not to tare down the people, but out of love to call them out of it and warn others of whats to come on the earth, but never to condemn an individual. Its amazing how people go around thinking their righteous and then go about judging their brothers motives.

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  5. Whenever I'm disillusioned by brothers and sisters I read Romans 3 in that we all have sinned and fallen short of God's Glory then I go to Romans 12 to remind myself that I shouldn't think myself better than I am in God's eyes. The only perfect man was Christ, not you or me or anyone else. My godly job in Christ is to work on myself and forgive others who are no more or less flawed than me. I hope I fail at this maybe a little less all the time. God Bless

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  6. As someone who is also minority, I would submit that I have also had problems with other races in the past. People who attacked me based on no other reason than the fact that I was Black. What I will say to you is keep the faith, not every Christian is going to react the same way as the lady you were dealing with, and not every church/missionary will question whether your donation to the fellowship/cause was sincere or insufficient.

    I also believe that the only perfect man to walk the earth was Christ, and that he died for our sin. So, while I feel strife, and personal conflict is inevitable, we can rest assured that God will give us another chance. If the missionaries you are attending are making you feel uncomfortable, perhaps you should seek another group. I am only offering this as advice, as the Christian establishment I am currently attending has people from all walks of life that come together to worship. To my knowledge, no one is made to feel like an outsider, and from what I've seen in my life, most operate this way.

    God bless,
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  7. Sounds pretty similar bro. The non christians in my circle are so loving towards me. They're just misguided. It seems like the ones who are so strict end up being the most hypocritical. You donate your money, work for the Lord , Read the word everyday, Go to church, preach the word.... only to have a black heart. Very sad ... pains me to see it.
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  8. I'm not saying I haven't sinned or even that I am Righteous ... but some things like that are pretty low. Blocking me on facebook of all people is pretty messed up. Especially since she added all of our mutual friends besides me. Trying to put down the things I wear is too. I never do any of that and I accept anyone who wants to be my friend... regardless if they're gay transgender, black , white, purple. And I treat them with love.
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  9. Amen bro , I'm over it now.
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  10. True I am too. I can understand the missionary maybe just looking out for my soul and wanted to make sure im being genuine rather than giving and expecting something back. But for the Mormon Girl to block a fellow brother in Christ is just sad. She added everyone from our group of mutual friends but blocked me. And we always talk and very friendly with each other. Now she wont even look in my direction when I'm at the gym. Makes you wonder what went wrong.
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  11. She is most likely ashamed of her self. She may know what she is doing or had done is wrong, but feels compelled to do so due to societal norms. Evidently she places the thoughts of others before her direction in GOD.

    That's called idol worship, and will prove more detrimental then any retaliation of any other sort.

    If you are a believer in GOD then let these things go.

    Stay your course in the Lord. Listen to your conscience, and act without want of anything whatsoever.

    What you said about the missionary is appalling. GOD sees all. Don't sweat it. Keep your course true and help who you can when you can. Nothing else is acceptable.

    Finding people that act and speak in one accord is very difficult. Continue trying to be one, without talking about it, and I bet more will be brought into your life.

    I wish you the best.

    Humbly, peace

    Faith in selfless Unity for Good.
  12. At some point, if youre around a person constantly..theyre true colors will show .

    Everyone has flaws the thing is...is it determining whether its too much to deal with or not.

    Rude behavior and name calling to name a few.

    If its too much to bear...youre not obligated to be around these people or put up with their behavior.
  13. Experienced that...too..but a bit worse...so youre in good company.
  14. Pray God deal with her; show her herself. Amen
  15. When you start feeling downtrodden about Chrisians and their fakery... Read the words of Jesus towards the religious people. It should give us pause that Jesus constantly argued and fought with the religious people who used the cloak of Religious Officiality for their own ends.

    It's pretty important to realize that "smelling salts" are important to crash us back into reality. To forcibly grab us out of our stupor and complacency. So often we first need to be saved from ourselves before we can be saved from whatever else is wrong. It's the story of Samson.. Driving a wedge between Israel and the Phillistines. Crashing down the status quo of Israel comfortably assimilating into Philistine culture....

    If you have a chance - read some Flannery O'Conner. She was an author/poet in the 60's who realized that because "everybody was a Christian" that no one really was. It was just a cultural heritage founded on a Greek model of ethics and morality under the umbrella of the state religion of "Christianity"... Not a true faith in Christ.... CS Lewis is another good one for Christian smelling salts....

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  16. But the last thing I will add is that we are all fallen...

    The reality is that God's grace covers us. We don't need to achieve perfection before we are suitable for God's purposes.... As such - every Christian is going to have some serious issues that God is simply working around.

    We make a huge mistake by holding each other to a standard even more strict than God himself does. As a result - we try to hide ourselves from each other because of the backlash when people find out what's really inside rather than being able to accept that God is working through broken vessels.
  17. If you have to tell someone your are a Christian without them already knowing it, you are probably not. Light can not be hidden as every candle the Lord God lights he places on a candle stick for all to see.
  18. A few thousand years ago the Pharisees had similar complaints about a "fake" Jew who worked on the Sabbath and hung out with sinners, tax collectors, thieves and prostitutes and yet claimed to be holy. Jesus told them to remove the log from their own eye (look at themselves)before judging others.

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  19. Just a thought.... remember that our battles are not with flesh and blood but with principalities and rulers of this world (Ephesians 6: 12). The devil is your real enemy. Trying to get you disolusioned with the Body of Christ and other believers so as to make you desire to return to your old life and friends. It's a trap from the enemy to get you to fall flat on your face in the folly and sin you were once in.

    God loves you but the devil hates you and does not want you to be victorious in Christ. This is the time to fight the good fight of faith and walk tall in love and forgiveness, not allowing the devil to rob you of your victorious life in Christ.

    When we make professions of faith and changes in our lives for the better...the devil comes in to challenge those decisions to see if we really mean what we say. So like James says...count it all joy when you encounter various trials for the Trying of your faith produces patience (James 1:2-4)

    Another thought.....pray about who to sow your money to. You want to make sure they are good ground and that it's where Jesus wants you to plant it.

    God bless you abundantly with grace and peace! We Will be praying for you!
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  20. Alang,

    Here is a church to try in your area if you still live in sacramento...
    Website Address: www.familycc.org

    God Bless

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