i don't know whats wrong with my body :(

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  1. Its 2:35 am and I cant sleep.. Every time I try to sleep..

    I wake up to both arms being really tingly and its not until I wake up that the tingly ness goes away ( it doesn't matter how I'm sleeping)

    I have slight headaches, body aches .....stomach feels a bit weird, and I feel my legs / arms can be a bit weak until I move them around ...

    I'm going to the ER tomorrow..

    But I'm terribly terribly afraid something is majorly wrong
  2. Praying for you and please do not allow the devil to fill you with fear.
  3. I'm in the ER now..and my vitals are fine, they said but I still haven't seen a Dr yet. I feel like an idiot....
  4. Father,
    we just lift up pancakes to You. Thank You that she is Your sheep and You love her so much that You put the treasure of Your Holy Spirit inside her to live forever. Thank You for surrounding her with Your peace that passes all of her understanding, knowing that no weapon formed against her shall prosper. Father we ask according to Your Word that You pour out Your healing anointing upon her body and cause it to be fully at peace. Blessing her with peaceful rest, while You watch over and protect her. We give You all the glory and praise for by Jesus stripes she is already healed. In Jesus name, Amen
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  5. Thank you so very much... I feel like I'm leading them on a goose chase but I know something is off..ill see with the blood work..thanks for the prayer
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  6. It's better to make sure it's nothing than to sit at home and allow yourself to be tormented, thinking something is very wrong. Be at peace. What the devil meant for harm God will use to His glory. God does not think you are an idiot, He knows everything the devil is throwing at you to try to trip you up and make you quit. And yet He (God)is super pleased with you because with everything you have not stopped seeking Him. You have not given up trying to hear Him, and you have not let go of Him. Sure you made some mistakes, but we all do, and His love and forgiveness covers them all.

    Hang in there kiddo :)
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  7. You've very right..i wasn't gonna go BC I didnt want them to say everythings fine... It was my mom who prompted me to go..

    She's a tech in school for a nursing degree and when I told her my symptoms she said it could be nuero ECT.. So I went..

    And now they're running blood tests.

    Sorry for sharing all this..im here by myself... And I cant text my friends BC they're sleep.
  8. The tests came back in fine...the dr said he does know why I'm expercing these symptoms but everything is fine
  9. This is NOT medical advice, but from personal experience with a family member, those symptoms may be caused by mild dehydration. I'm not saying that this is what the cause is in your case, however, a mild dehydration may possibly cause this. Make certain that you are receiving approximately 8 - 8 ounce glasses of water per day.... and perhaps a bit more during weather conditions that include outdoor temperatures above 80 degrees F. and high humidity.

    Blessings from the Staff at CFS,
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  10. take an asprin
    and cut out sugar from your diet,
    try to do rigorous jogging on the spot for 30 seconds at least once a day.
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  11. Yah ill try that... I also feel bad BC my brothers didnt ask how I was or anything...they didn't pray for me or anything but they do that and more for my aunt.. They definitely love her more... I'm gonna try and get some rest
  12. It's all good! I really don't mind listening. I'm just sorry that I went to sleep before you wrote this.

    If your mom is studying for nursing told you to go then it was good that you took her advice. With the symptoms you were having its good to make sure nothing is wrong. So don't let the devil tell you that your not worth it, or bring condemnation on you for going.

  13. Try to let all that hurt go. Forgive them and let the Holy Spirit flood you with peace. Unforgiveness is a blessing blocker and one way the devil can steal the Word that was sown in your heart. You have been really trying to grow closer with the Lord lately and what better way for the enemy to trip you up is to cause you to be offended and hurt. he knows that it will cause hurt and when we hurt, we tend to back away from God, because most people think God is the cause or that He somehow could have stopped it from happening. But truth is, that God cannot force people to behave appropriately. He has commanded us to walk in love and if we choose not to then, He has to wait till we repent and choose to follow His ways. If your brothers didn't say they didn't pray for you then don't allow the devil to hurt you with wrong information. These are thoughts that you have to take captive and make obedient to God's Words and ways like 2 Co 10:5 says. If they did tell you that they didn't pray for you then put your forgiveness coat on, and walk in love so that God can work in your behalf, even if you don't see it right away.

    Continually praying for you
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