I am having some internet issues

Discussion in 'Technology and Internet' started by Boanerges(Inactive), Nov 4, 2008.

  1. I am having some internet issues

    My PC works fine except for this issue:

    I can open most web pages in a fraction of a second. When I hit reply to message at CFS it usually (but not always) opens up quickly. When I try to post that response it can take from 2 or 3 seconds to 10 minutes to post. Sometimes I click on it 4 or 5 times in that period trying to get it to register. Sometimes is does not go through and more often it will show me it is still trying to load. If I go to the New Posts section it may have loaded although the web page says it is still trying- other times it will not. Opening links in a new window or tab is a crap shoot at best. I have had this problem for about 2 weeks now. I have run multiple virus scans, adware removal programs , I have defragmented my heard drive and optimized my system in every way I can. I used system restore to go back and none of these helped.
    FireFox was getting so slow I took it out. IE has the same issues but not as bad.
    Again- some web pages open in a flash- others do not. Any suggestions ? I am considering letting Windows repair itself or a complete reboot. This is definitely taking the fu out of web surfing.
  2. That took less then 2 seconds to post
  3. It might be an ides to get hold of your internet service provider....they maybe on a go slow...mine does that about twice a year
  4. My last post took 4 miuntes to register but according to the new posts section it was here already
  5. I have not had any issues with this site at all or I would have thought it a database slow day...I'm out of ideas...sorry
  6. PC Pitstop clocks my interent @
    13827 KPS download speed
    2726 KPS Upload speed.
    This seems a little slower than usual but does not seem to be significantly low.
  7. dump your cookies????
    empty your waste basket???
    Windows updated???
  8. Did those one and all Cliff.:eek:
  9. I wonder if its DNS.....

    Have you tried to flush dns, and reregister DNS at the command line?

    Or maybe switch over whatever DNS servers you have configured now in your router and set them to OpenDNS servers.

    OpenDNS | Providing A Safer And Faster Internet
  10. Did those one and all Cliff.:eek:
  11. Boy, you are having issues double posting and all.....

    Some kind of malware get in there maybe?
  12. Hard to say my firiend. I have what is usually an impenatrable mix protecting my system and I have run every anti malware program under the sun. Tommorow I will reformat.
  13. Boanerges,

    I remember having this same issue on a a music forum that im a member of. I remember trying everything on my computer and the issue would still not resolve itself. So i asked on the forums and it turned out to be a problem with the sites database. That error was fixed long ago and no longer occurs.

    However i do see that you have cleared all your cookies, history etc. I would suggest downloading the latest version of CCleaner --> installing it --> running the cleaner --> rebooting your machine and then trying and see if that makes a diff..

    CCleaner - Home

    All the best
  14. Thanks Jake, C Cleaner is a staple over here! I had put system restore down to 0% and rebboted followed by setting it back to 2% and rebboting. That should have cleared any issues hiding there wouldn't you think? Well I had to run my Virus Scan at boot to clear out two Trojans hiding in the system restore files anyhow. There seems to be a string of nasty Trojans going around right now. Earlier today I clicked on a site to get some drug interaction info on a prescription I am taking and guess what- yep my Virus Scan stopped yet another Trojan. So I am running all my defenses at high until the anit virus, anti spyware folks get caught up to these problems.:)
  15. Boanerges,

    Im beginning to think that system restore is not really going to work in this case. If you are talking about Trojans, most of the time they don't get cleared away just like that because they embed themselves in the SOF (system operating files)...

    You did mention that you used some adware remove programs..However i would also recommend doing a through scan with a Trojan remover...Its a freeware so its going to work without you having to pay for it..

    Trojan Remover 6.6.9 build 2532 - Free software downloads and reviews - CNET Download.com

    Try using that and reboot. Also just make sure your Anti-virus programs are upto date and are not expired. I personally use NOD32 and seems to be light on the system as well as work properly without stuffing up.

    If all that fails i would suggest you wipe everything and reinstall Windows. Might have to back everything up though.

  16. Thanks !Actually I did a complete reformat and reinstall recently but I think the trojan may have hitchhiked on one of my back up discs.
    My virus scan did remove a Trojan from my D drive and everything looks fine but I am going to download and run that Trojan remover you gave me anyway. You can never be to safe!:)
  17. The impenatrable mix, could be part of the problem. Your internet connection speed looks good, intermittent slowness issues are sometimes caused by security software, firewalls and sometimes even pop-up blockers. I would try temporarily turning them off one at a time to see if one of those programs are causing the problem. Hope this helps.
  18. xcortman....


    I've been batling with a slow internet connection, lockups, and just plain bad performance for a few months.

    I've run Spybot, Spy Hunter, Windows defendre, I have the latest virus protection, etc.

    I downloaded and ran CCleaner, It's like she is brand new again!!!! :) :) :)

    Thank You again!!
    I don't know what it found, but you just made my day.... My Month!!
  19. CSchultz,

    Im very Glad to hear that you managed to sort your problem out. CCleaner is a fantastic piece of software. I keep it on my computer and run it once a week and my computer works flawlessly.

    Glad to be of some help :)
  20. I think I will reformat and reinstall from scratch again tommorrow. I am fairly convinced that I reimported my problem in the backups I made.

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