I’m thinking about a career change

Discussion in 'Humor' started by Who am I, Mar 21, 2009.

  1. I’m thinking about a career change

    What do you think about wrestling?

  2. Depends.

    Do you plan to stay up ther in sunny MinnesOOOOOOOOOta?

    Or get off the pourch and come down here and play with the big dogs?

    :D :D :D

    Try to make it early in the day would ya?

    I like to do by butt whoopin before lunch if that's okay with you. ;)
  3. Come on......Come on...... :)

    I know you got a good come back in there....

    Dont just sit up there quietly,..... Lemme have it. :p
  4. Don't tell me...

    Ya gonna grow long blonde locks, too. Come on, I knows you are. :D
  5. I’m still laughing at the picture of the cats. :D

    But as soon as I’m done, I’ll be there.

    It will have to be early morning. I don’t want it to interfere with my mid morning nap. :p
  6. Ok… I’m done laughing.

    I’ll be there shortly.

  7. hehe.. I'm with ya on the nap!

  8. one more 4 ya Dean, this one had me rollin:)

  9. Dean you have been working out since I have seen you!:D
  10. Hey Dean my cat will take you on ..... He he



  11. Yes I have.
    It’s been a long hard battle.
    Look at what I had to start with.

  12. http://www.faceinhole.com/us/

    I just ran across this website last night and have been having a little fun with it.
    My parents 50th wedding anniversary is coming up in a couple months.
    I might just be able to use this site somehow for that.
    Good thing they have a sense of humor.

  13. I may have super powers now…
    But there’s only one way to deal with a pesky cat.
    Bring it!!!

    :D :D


  14. I love that stick em up picture. :D

    It's a good thing the guy that took that picture didn't confuse the shutter finger on the camera with his left hand!
  15. He he .... That's cute.

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