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  1. I'm new to this site. I had been on a different Christian forum website for a few years, but now that site's being overrun by spambots. So anyway, I've met some genuinely creepy people online and I've had much of my personal info stolen via the internet in the past, so I trust you'll understand why I won't be sharing too much of my personal info. What I will tell you about myself is as follows...

    My name's Colin. I was raised mormon, but left that religion and had myself ex-communicated about ten years ago. Spent several years in flat-out rebellion against God and then converted to Christianity in 2007. One of my main goals now is to show all of my immediate family the falsehood of mormonism and to have God bring them to Christ by using me.

    I don't like sloppy Bible "reading". The Bible ought to be studied, not just "read".

    Much of what I see and hear in todays churches worries me. And a great deal of what I hear Christians of all stripes say these days is disheartening. We need only read our Bibles to see the problems of today. That's why it's especially important that we all, as Christians, work hard to reason with others and lay out the truth as best we can, and in the most loving and respectful way we can. When it comes to the Bible, God, and the subject of truth, we need absolute clarity and honesty on both sides. That's another topic for another day I suppose. But, much work needs to be done for the Kingdom, and that work is our respensibility as followers of Christ. That's a real conviction of mine.

    Anyhoo, I'm a non-denominational, Bible-believing Christian. I'm trying to live a biblical Christian life and do what's good, rather than what makes me look "good".

    I'm laid back and kind of quiet, and that can put some people off, but I try to be open and inviting to others, and I try to help others who need help as best I can, and I'm a good listener (or so I'm told).

    I'm not a big fan of so-called "Christian" Rock. I like instrumental rock and orchestral music, especially music composed by Nobuo Uematsu.
    When it comes to fiction I prefer dramas to comedies.

    I hate pervertedness of all kinds and on all levels.

    I believe that Christians ought to read the entire Bible, not just the New testament, and/or the warm, fuzzy, lovey-dovey parts. I base this belief on Paul's affirmation of the value of "all Scripture" (which would include every word of the Old Testament) in 2 Timothy 3:16.

    Since Christians are commanded to carry out the Great Commission, I believe that the study of Christian Doctrine and apologetics is vital for the spiritual survival and the success of the mission of every Christian in this day of skepticism.

    That's all I can think of for now.

    Nice to meet you all. Looking forward to getting to know you.
    God bless.:)
  2. Welcome Colin. I've not been a mormon but I can relate to much you say. Personally I do not read the NT as all lovey dovey. I wish I could properly find my own relationship with Christ and that sort of peace of mind but I'm pretty sure He more or less says He can bring troubles, trials and suffering... It's not all about life being a bed of roses - although I can wish it was...
  3. You're right, jonbanjo. In fact, I don't recall any statements from God, taken in context, that promise an easy life for us modern Christians. Quite the contrary, Christ spoke of Christians suffering for His sake. The pleasure we get, as far as I can tell, is the spiritual relationship we have with Him, and the fruits that come from wise decisions that we make for our lives using God's guidelines.
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  4. Hi Colin, welcome to our community.

    I agree with you about Christian life not being easy. We need God constantly to give us peace and to help us be satisfied with what we have instead of running after worldly things that we will temporarily give us happiness. I don't think enjoying life is wrong but relying on God's blessings on earth instead of the giver himself to give us happiness is definitely a mistake.

    With Jesus there is always peace and joy but without Him life's just meaningless. God is awesome!
  5. Welcome.
    Great testimony Mr Black. I do pray you can reach many being as you have come to see the truth.

    I also am no big fan of what is called hard Christian rock. I do like some of the contemporary music but not the real hard stuff
  6. Jeff:

    You said "With Jesus there is always peace and joy but without Him life's just meaningless. God is awesome!"

    I agree completely. Life without God is quite meaningless. If God doesn't exist, then human life has no meaning value, or purpose. There would be no such thing as an intrinsically "immoral" act. When you stop and think about for a while, its almost mind-boggling. I wish more Christians were familiar with the logical implications of life without God so that they could get more atheist's attention.


    You said "I also am no big fan of what is called hard Christian rock. I do like some one the contemporary music but not the real hard stuff"

    Lolz, yeah, I don't like the thrash type stuff. My main gripe, though, comes from the way many Christian rock groups immediately water down their message the instant they get any recognition from the secular audience. Many of them mention Christ many times in their early albums, but then in their later albums water things down so much that Christ and God are scarcely mentioned. In their place are painfully ambiguous terms like "Him", or "you", or "someone". Its kind of depressing.

    Thank you both for the encouraging welcome.

    God bless ya.
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  7. Thats compromise and selling out for worldly fame. It doesn't matter if no one knows who I am, I prefer it that way. What I want is to be so close to God and allow His power to flow thru me that the devil rknow who I am and who I belong to, a child of the Living God. I love to magnifies Him in worship and music. That terrifies the enemy, he says oh no , there's another one! :D
  8. On the music side. Mr Black, personally I also do not get on with what comes over to me as "pseudo ethereal" and a lot but not all modern "Christian music" cab do that to me. I guess if mum is at the piano (which I don;t play and can not sight read) and playing hymns, I'd rather be dipping into Hymns Ancient And Modern or Sankey and Moody...
  9. Certain Hymns are pretty good. I don't mind hymns much. I try to steer clear of the ones that get played a lot at mormon churches. They carry too much baggage for me. I'm able to concentrate on God better without hearing them.
    I don't know if this is gonna make me unpopular, but I honestly can't stand old timey gospel music. What they're singing about in the songs is great. But for some reason the particular genre of music just depresses me. I can't think of one old school gospel song that makes me feel happy rather than sad. I'm kind of a wierd guy when it comes to music though. There are a lot of songs that sound "happy" to others and will uplift them, but those very same songs will depress me literally for days on end. I'm not really sure why its like that, but...*shrug*
  10. Old time gospel is something I feel I could get into but don't let our musical differences worry you. In a sense. however odd it may sound. I could be more worried about someone who's tastes matched mine absolutely identically than someone who had some musical differences to me. One may like to find some common ground though.
  11. LOL. This reminded me of a radio program that came on Sunday evenings on a station I used to listen to years ago. The host as much as said that the old country gospel music was the only music worth listening to. I like lots of stuff. I can get into a really well-sung hymn, or I can go for some edgier stuff. A little rock, a little roll, gospel, soul, reggae, it's pretty much all good. Mainly what appeals to me is passion and clarity of message. If I can't understand what a song is trying to say, I might as well just head-bang to AC/DC or Laibach. :D
  12. Hey Colin :]
    Welcome to the forums! I hope you choose to stay and so sorry to hear about your experiences with the Internet! It's better to be safe than sorry, so remain as confidential as you'd like :]

    I like Christian Sorry :p Well, I only like Skillet. I don't listen to anymore Christian rock besides that. Most of the music I listen to is worship music. :)

    Totally agree!!!!! :)

    Anyways, glad you are with us! We hope to get to know ya better! :)

    Take care!
  13. LOL have the only other of mine that remains that I've not given here. Was written for brother. He called it a roller coester! (The second tune on this is trad btw - not my work - it is called the Silver Spire
  14. :eek:...................

    That, sir..................was amazing. I rarely ever hear skill like that at play.
  15. Mr. Black,
    I have been absent for a while and have just come back. I wanted you to hear some "old time" gospel to see if perhaps our style and rendition might have a "cheering" effect. If you don't care to listen, no problem. My wife and I sing weekly (for 7 years now) at an assisted living center in Corydon, IN and those old saints love to hear their favorite gospel songs. Over the years I have tried to spruce them up a bit (mainly for my sanity) and they have come to appreciate my "upbeat" methods.

    My signature, below, will take you to our original music (which your welcome to check out--we're old "folky" style) but somewhere on that page our 10 hymns. Choose something and, if you want to, let me know what you think. God bless, Vic
  16. Colin,
    I spent many years living in Salt Lake City, UT. I was one of the few non-mormons there. I have come to Christianity from another cult, the New Age belief systems. I'm so glad to be in the arms of my Savior, Jesus, now. I, too, am disappointed in the church. It is not a building, is it? It is our lives that are the churches. Nor is the only way to God through the pastor or preacher. It is through Jesus Christ.

    I feel that many people rely heavily on salvation through church attendance and participating in all the "busyness" that the various church clubs come up with. Granted, many of these projects are for worthy causes but we should not let that cloud out our true purpose--full sanctification, or being set aside for God's purposes. It's scary but we are walking dead until we receive this blessing. I've been studying the earlier "Holiness" literature and am thrilled by what I read of people being "saved" or justified AND "sanctified" or commiting to holiness. The world needs that!

    I've rambled enough. God love ya, Vic
  17. Heya, Vic. Thanks a lot for the link. I actually like quite a bit of what you've done. Thus far my favorite is "Nobody wants to walk like Jesus".
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  18. Thanks for the encouragement, Mr. Black. RC
  19. I know it's late but still, I want to welcome you to CFS.

    Welcome Colin!
  20. Why thank you, kind sir. I'm glad to be here.

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