How would you rate CFS?

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How would you rate CFS?

  1. Needs more contents

  2. Needs better contents

  3. Should improve looks

  4. Should have more features

  5. Should be simpler to use

  6. I like CFS, the way it is. thumps up.

  1. How would you rate CFS?

    How would you rate CFS? Put your opinions down. Release your frustration. Shout, yell, whatever!! I'm all ears. :shock: :enforcer:
  2. Easier to read would be nice

    the forum index is tough to read with the graphic behind it.
  3. i understand. i'll make it better in a few days. for now the graphics are removed. if the graphics shows up again, please refresh the page. :)
  4. I like it!

    It is looking good now! I can easily read it. Thanks.
  5. Small Beginnings.

    Psalms:37:16: A little that a righteous
    man hathis better than the riches of many wicked.

    You have been given this little 'fledgling'web site by
    God's Hand Jeff. It can flourish or die. It's up to you
    and those that you delegate as 'watchman' to keep
    the 'crazies', false doctrine and the 'unsaved' trouble
    makers off this site!

    Isa:62:6: I have set watchmen upon thy walls.

    God Bless!

  6. thanks Setfree :) for that advice.
  7. Well I think its fine as it is at least in my humble opinon. I no nothing of makeing a site but this one has all I need. :-D

  8. Amen ! Brother Setfree.

    Brother Jeff. Thanks for this site. Its a Blessing to me. :)
  9. Lost?

    H; a newbie question here.

    Has this site had a facelift.............?

    Wasn’t there a Bible Chat room?

    I used to be able to type in something on search and it would pop up now search can’t find it.

    I had been looking over the pre or post trib threads, name your poison and John the demoniac.

    I can’t find any of them........

    Has all been deleted? Has the site had a face lift?

    Or am I lost in here?

    God Bless
  10. We never had a 'Bible chat room' but we always had a 'Bible Studies' forum. It could be another site that you're talking about.
    The site underwent a major facelift when it switched from phpbb package to the vbulletin package. Also recently our servers were attacked and hence lots of posts were lost. :(

    Screenshot taken on Feb 25, 2006

    Screenshot taken on May 23, 2006
  11. It's Great!

    CFS IS 'now' on a road to recovery after
    the recent 'hijack' and the 'crazies' being
    banned! :D

    Sometimes God has to shake and bake 'His'
    kids in order to reveal the enemy's deception
    and attacks!

    Also, when we get to comfortable and complacent,
    that's when the Spirit of the Lord 'troubles' the water
    to make us more attentive to His voice and His Will!

    God has to be in charge and the 'author' of all that
    we do, especially when we 'build' in His name!

    Psalms 127:1: Except the LORD build the house, they
    labour in vain that build it: except the LORD keep the
    city, the watchman waketh but in vain.

    God Bless,

    Set Free!
  12. Yes!!

    Wow! This site was 'jacked' recently??!!

    Satan knows then God is doing a great work on this site! :D

    Set Free! tells it like it is! :)

    You sound like a preacher brother!

    This site is o.k. by me! :)

    Peace Be Unto You All,



  13. Yes brother WPN-X,

    God is doing His work here! More members need to get
    involved though! :( Most just 'view' a post and never
    respond or contribute like the 'worldly' forums I've checked
    out where 'everyone' is posting and responding!

    Yes brother, I have preached in many churches, homes
    and on the streets for many years the Gospel, the 'Good
    News' of salvation, redemption, justification and glorification
    by the precious 'Blood' and sacrifice of our dear Lord Jesus
    Christ! 1Cor.1:17.

    We could have it where everytime a member posts or responds
    to a post, their 'photo' would 'always' appear to the left of their
    action! I've seen a lot of forums have this on their site! :D

    God Bless,

    Set Free!
  14. I do enjoy this forum for what it is. There is a lot of support going on, and, though sometimes heated discussions (I try to post as positively as possible) as I have seen - it's good... and forum topics that stray get shut down :rolleyes:

    I can make a suggestion to you guys - you can have as many features as you want, just make them simple, and easily accessible. Have you tested your site with such accessibility tools such as JAWS for Windows, or Zoomtext... or any tools made for Linux or Mac? Also gaining WC3 coding standards wouldn't be a bad thing either (if it complies with those web standards, it surely will work with most accessibility tools). On another note: I use Firefox (site looks good).

    Someone brought up the subject on "we should have chat"... not all chat sessions are strictly moderated (a few Christian chat sites out there are, but it's hard to find good help - if it means working for free). In some terms, it would possibly cripple people's attitudes in forums (I have seen so on another forum site)... but, you know, MSN was created for a reason. A lot of chat rooms stray and crumble like dried bread if they're not strictly moderated, controlled, or kept up to date... And it's not like I'm not 'for' chat, it's "sure, we could have that, but..."

    It's nice to see diversity here. A lot more friendlier than the other site I was on by far. Then again, it's probably because the mods are quite nice too... and moderators actually get involved :D

    God is good, all the time; all the time, God is good!
    God Bless! :israel:
  15. Thanks so much, cross for the encouragement. I've actually though about chat sessions and discussed this with other webmasters. What I have learnt from them is that these modifications are consume a lot of server resource and will make the whole site load slower. Currently this forum runs on a shared server with limited resource to use. So I thought it would be better to avoid using such mods untill I transfer them to better servers.

    Also the best chat software for this forum has so much inefficiency that it might be better to not install them till they are recommended by their own users.

    The site is friendly because the moderators here are the best I have ever worked with. :D Praise God and a big thanks to all the moderators. :D

    I havn't heard of Jaws or Zoom but I'll find that out soon. Thanks very much for the suggestions. :goodpost:
  16. Pro 27:17 Iron sharpeneth iron; so a man sharpeneth the countenance of his friend.

    Some friction is needed to sharppen ones faith. nothing happens without a few sparks now and then. But care must be taken not to let the sparks start a fire for the fire distroys.

    It is a delicate balance. One that very very few forums can maintain. Either they are so liberal as to be against the faith or so up tight that no one can speak. Jesus in the lives of the Admin and Mods in this forum is reflected in that they can maintain that balance so well.

    A blessing in deed.

    Sincerely His
    and Yours
  17. I am blessed to be here- I not one to belive in accidents for as a wise man once said : "providence is the hand of God in the glove of circumsatnce". I like the site and look forward to growing with it and my brothers and sisters who are here- thanks guys!
  18. Romans 8:28

    I am a firm believer in everything happens for a reason. I definitely believe I found CFS by Divine intervention. I tried so many sites prior to this one and now I feel at home here.
    Romans 8:28 We know that all things work together for the good of those who love God: those who are called according to His purpose.:preach:
  19. I never knew anything about the arcade...:confused:

    But on a scale of one to one-hundred curly fries...

    99 curly fries!!!:D
  20. I so love this place! Thank you for having me here.
    God bless,

    PS - I voted the last. Thumbs up!

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